You’re in! Here are eleven things you should do right now

We’ve previously written plenty of blogs with advice about preparing to move house and settling down in a new area, but we’re yet to put together a check list of things to tick off immediately after you’ve shut the door of your new home. So, here it is…

  • 1. Double check that all of your boxes have made it safely to the other side
  • 2. Write down your meter readings
  • 3. Unpack your essentials box, as well as the contents of your children’s rooms
  • 4. Clear your mind and jot down a to do list for the coming weeks
  • 5. Inspect every room to ensure all is well and as expected
  • 6. Find out where the fuse box and water valve are
  • 7. Examine the locks and windows of your new home to ensure that they’re secure
  • 8. Inspect your home to ensure it is child-friendly if you have young children and put those baby gates up
  • 9. Plug in your appliances and arrange for your oven to be plumbed in by a professional
  • 10. Get your pet settled in (if you have a dog, check out our other blog: The house move and Fido – Tips for moving with your dog)
  • 11. Set up your Royal Mail redirect to ensure that you still receive your post

And finally… open a bottle of wine and raise those glasses

After all of that hard work it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief and raise your glasses to a new start (just don’t drink too much – unless you’ve paid for a professional unpacking service, you’ll have plenty of boxes to tackle come the morning, and a hangover won’t be too helpful!).

If you’re yet to set a move date then it may be time to find out just how affordable a team of removal professionals are – we cover home and commercial removals throughout York and UK-wide. Call our team on 01904 375 995 or email the office via and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.