3 Mammoth moving mistakes (and how to avoid them)

We’ve served as a go-to man and van in York for more than ten years and throughout this city are a thousand tales of house moves gone wrong – most of which can be put down to one of three main moving mistakes, which we tell you all about here…

1. Taking move day on… on your own

It’s incredible the amount of items that can be built up over the course of just a few years – and leaving everything until the last minute can perfectly demonstrate just how significant a number of items we own on average. Getting a little help from other people (whether family, friends, or a professional van and man company) is always advisable – even if you’re moving as a single person.

2. Packing every last item you own

So, you thought that you were super organised and ahead of time when you packed up literally EVERYTHING and moved it toward the front door. Job done well, right? Wrong, actually. You’ll need to keep out a few essentials – such as a box for items that you’ll need as soon as you move in (including the kettle, drinks supplies, a meal, plates and at least one way to cook food); you’ll also need some personal affects (such as your toothbrush and a change of clothes).

3. Forgetting to check the meter readings

Move day was stressful, but it’s done. You’ve been happily moved in for some three months when a nasty surprise arrives upon your door mat – it’s a demand for an astronomical energy bill; and it’s there because you didn’t: A. Inform your utility company that you were moving and/or B. you forgot to check your meter readings.

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Now that you know how to avoid the potential for move day nightmares, you should consider making your removals a dream.

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