Nope, No way – 5 Items Pro Movers Won’t Touch

You’re moving… you thought you were organised to a fault. You were convinced that you’d thought of it all. Then bham! Move day comes and your removals firm point blank refuses to move numerous possessions. Queue panic stations and calling for all hands on deck.
If only you’d have known that the following five items are never, ever moved by removal professionals.

1. Your cherished pet pals

Animals are a no go for a removals firm – even if they’re safely stored away in a crate or cat box, so you’ll need to pop your kitty cat or doggy in with you (and if you’re moving along with your canine pal, you may want to read our guide: The house move and Fido – Tips for moving with your dog).

2. Building stuff

OK – bricks, wood, glass and pipes are always going to be a problem when moving and most removal vehicles aren’t equipped to move such items (that’s not to mention the fact that some of these materials might need a crane or lifting machine to move them in the first place).
If you have plenty of building material to move, you’ll need to seek out a specialised building company to handle this element of your move.

3. Server rooms

This one is for the businesses that are soon to be moving from one commercial premises to the next. Whilst many removal companies offer business moving services, few have the specialist service and experience that allows them to move entire server rooms. Once again, you’ll need to contact a niche service provider.

4. Hazardous materials

This one should be obvious, but we’ll run you through the list anyway – explosives, fireworks, fuel, open cans of paint, and flammable liquids are all considered hazardous. These items won’t be covered by a removal firm’s insurance policy, and will be left behind. There are expert companies out there that move these types of items, but they typically work with laboratories, medical centres and firework shops, and in all but the rarest of instances their fees are prohibitive for the average residential move.

5. Confidential office waste

Our fifth and final item is another one for those looking to move business premises. The Data Protection Act 1998 is legally binding legislation that places great responsibilities on the average business when it comes to customer data. Whilst many removal firms can transport such documents, it’s rare for any to provide waste removal – so if you want to have a clear out of confidential documents before move day, you’ll need to do so using a specialist service.

So that’s it – five possessions that we won’t move. If you’re ready to book us in to ship everything else for you, get in touch. Our home removals service in York has quite the glowing reputation (read our reviews over on Google+, where we score five out of five).

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Nope No way 5 Items Pro Movers Wont Touch