5 Signs that your man and van is NOT to be hired

With a reputation that today proudly proceeds us, we’re a man and van in York with serious credentials. However, whilst we’re meticulous about customer service, and committed to turning up on time and taking care with every box we move, we can’t say the same for every other business in our industry.

Whilst we’d love to be your choice for removals in York, we’d also like you to avoid hiring a removal company cowboy if you choose not to use us. With this in mind, here we present 5 signs that the man and van company before you, may not be all that they seem.

1. They lack a professional website

Seen a deal that’s too good to be true for a van and man service on Gumtree or Facebook? Then the old adage that if it looks too good to be true completely applies. Having a professional looking website, landline number to phone and (ideally) a number of active social media pages should all serve as signs that you’re looking at a reputable company.

Anything else, don’t even consider.

2. They have only poor reviews

Every company can suffer from a number of poor reviews, however when a company has only poor reviews to its name, then it’s quite clear that something is amiss.

Again, our best advice is to avoid such companies.

3. They don’t call/email when they say they will, and can only provide vague answers

Customer service begins at the very first point of contact. From the initial email or phone call, you should feel confident in using the removals company. Courtesy and prompt replies to phone calls or emails are both a must.

4. Their van looks a little like Rodney and Del Boy’s three wheeler

Van and man businesses should have solid vans upon which you can rely. They should look as though they’re properly maintained and able to carry your valuable possessions safely. This is, after all, their area of expertise – the van to their man.

Need removals in York from a company that can be trusted?

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