A Move for All Seasons

Choosing to move to a new home is a big decision. Arguably even bigger however, is deciding exactly when to do so. Are particular times of year better than others?

Moving house will rarely be a completely smooth experience, no matter how you tackle the project. You can plan a house move with the precision of a well-oiled Swiss watch, but last-minute snags will likely still occur. This is just part of the experience. We all need to retain a sense of humour and keep our wits about us.

Choosing exactly when to move can help create a smoother, easier transition though. There are definite pros and cons to different times of year. You may not always have a choice – sometimes, life happens. We just have to roll with the punches. If you have the opportunity, however, stop and think about the implications of the seasons on a house move.

Moving House in Spring

Spring is a time of renewal. This may include deciding to move onto different pastures. Spring is arguably a great time to list a property for sale, especially if you live in rural parts of Yorkshire. Greenery and plant life start to return after a long and dreary winter, which can create amazing kerb appeal for a potential buyer.

Spring also affords the best of both worlds when it comes to weather. You shouldn’t need to worry about extreme conditions, such as snow, and even torrential downpours should have passed. Just beware those April showers. Keep an eye out for grey clouds before leaving any furniture outdoors.


You could also tie in a house move with a spring clean – or use it as an excuse to get out of such labour! If you are decluttering and decide that it’s time to downsize, spring is an optimum opportunity to do so. Maybe this explains why May is National Moving Month!

Spring can be busy for house moves though, so make sure you book a removal service in plenty of time. Just as you’re looking around and considering its time for a change, so are many other people in your neighbourhood. Plan ahead and make sure you have contingency plans for any potential problems.

Moving House in Summer

Summer is the most popular time to move house, with good reason. The weather will typically be sunny and glorious, so you can move without fear of getting drenched. Kids are out of school, so there is minimal disruption if you’re moving to a different town and educational district. The market is booming as countless houses are placed up for sale and rent.

On paper, this all sounds perfect. Over a third of all house moves typically unfold during the summer months, so where’s the catch? In reality, you have to consider the counterpoints to everything we just discussed. It’s not all blue skies and smiles.

Sunflower Garden Under Blue Sky

Yes, the weather during summer is typically glorious. Sometimes, however, beautiful sunshine gives way to uncomfortable heatwaves. Ask yourself if you really want to be lugging heavy items to and from a van in near 30-degree temperatures. In addition, the school holidays mean that traffic will typically be heavier, the roads packed with tourists and day-trippers. You could find that it takes three times as long to complete a move if you need to make multiple journeys between homes.

In addition, the popularity of summer house moves means that competition will be fierce. If searching for a new property, you’ll have no time to dilly-dally and think things over. If you don’t make a quick decision, somebody else will. What’s more, furniture removal companies experience huge workloads during the summer. We’ll always try to fit you in here, but you’ll need to be patient and organised. Summer is not the time for a spur-of-the-moment moving decision.