Adiós – How to Ship Your Life to Spain

Thinking about moving to Spain? You’re not alone. In fact, so popular is this destination for those in the UK, there’s now almost 300,000 British citizens that have made the move to the sunnier climes of this European hotspot. Here we take a look at the most popular spots to live, where people work and how you can painlessly ship your life to your choice of Spanish pueblo.

Spain: Where to Live

It’s perhaps not surprising that for most who move to Spain, it’s the sun and the sand that proves irresistible, with the Southern Coast being the most popular (where the warmest weather can be enjoyed).

Of particular popularity is the Valencia region, Alicante especially – a beautiful coastal city renowned for its palm tree lined roads and shopping centres. Another town of note is Andalucía, within which the city of Málaga calls for many. If you’re looking for a vibrant, modern and cosmopolitan town, with plenty of nightlife, this might be a place to call your home too. Or a similar destination, though hotter and surrounded by sea, is the Spanish Balearic Island of Mallorca, where Palma is often referred to as the hustling, bustling party capital of Spain.

Of course, there are many who seek the quieter life, for whom there’s always Costa Blanca, Almeria or Seville.

Where to Work

The vast majority of those moving to Spain are retirees, which explains why just 22% of the expat community work.

However, if you are planning to work, it may pay to know that the following sectors prove consistently popular industries for English speaking expats:

  • Education – Primarily teaching English as a foreign language
  • Hospitality – Working in hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars and so forth
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Motorcycle and motor vehicle repair

Taking Care of your Health

Good news – Spain is home to an exceptional healthcare system. If you’re moving to work, you’ll be entitled to healthcare as a Spanish national. Alternatively, if you’re retiring, you’ll need to register for healthcare via the INNSS Office, or take out a private health plan.

<h2>Shipping Your Worldly Belongings to Spain</h2>

A good quality international removals team can prove a God send when arranging to send your possessions to Spain, and can be far more affordable than you making multiple trips, or attempting the feat yourself with a large rented truck on foreign roads you don’t know. They’ll also be covered by adequate insurance – something that could prove critically important should an item or items be inadvertently damaged.

If you want a more in-depth guide as to whether you should rent a van or use a full removal service, you may want to head on over to our guide: Self-Loading Versus Full Removal Service: Which One Is Right for You?

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Ship Your Life To Spain