Advice For Moving Overseas

We have helped many lucky people make their dream move overseas. This means that we have encountered every problem imaginable. If you’re planning to move to another country take a look at our key tips for making the move abroad.

Make a list

Before moving anywhere, make a list. This doesn’t have to be a paper list. Why not use your smartphone or transfer something over to Dropbox? Sometimes lists can be transferred over multiple devices. Write down everything that you remember … everything. If you tell yourself you will remember and write it down later, the chances are you won’t.

Having a list means that you have a checklist to work against, which can be crossed off. Meaning that movers can rest safe in the knowledge that nothing important is forgotten on the big day.

Figure out whether storage or shipping is best

When moving to a far off destination it can be costly to bring along everything you own including furniture, cars and other big items. Sometimes it can be more expensive than buying new things due to shipping costs, especially when big and heavy items have to be transported a long distance to a new country. Ask whether it is worth having large items moved to a new property or more economical to leave them behind.

Send things ahead

Sending some essentials over to a property early helps makes moving day shorter. Books, clothes and computers can be sent overseas first. This helps reduce the amount of space needed on the day and can make your first night in your new overseas property already feel more like home.

Keep hold of important documents When spending an extended amount of time overseas, we suggest that you take certain important documents with you. Anything that relates to the following should be taken, even if you are just moving overseas for a fixed period of three or six months;

Birth, name change and marriage Citizenship Divorce and custody arrangements Police checks Keep an eye on exchange rates

Practicality helps. You don’t want to get stung with additional bank fees and exchange rates. Shopping around for exchange rates and 0% commission means that you won’t get hit by heavy figures if you leave it to the last minute to arrange your finances and obtain local currency to pay for services such as tipping the removal company and paying deposits. If you plan to keep your bank account at home, check if your bank hits customers abroad with high fees for overseas transactions or cash withdrawals.

Do you have any tips on how to move abroad? What tips would you have on making moving day easier? Share your suggestions with us on social media!

advice for moving overseas