Self-storage: 5 giveaway signs of a cowboy company

Recently we’ve partnered with self-storage superstars Inner Space Stations (read about their York self-storage right here). Why? Because over our decade+ in business we’ve regularly been asked whether we have a self-storage company that we recommended. Over our time in this industry, we’ve also heard of horror story after horror story about lacklustre self-storage, damaged possessions and hidden fees. So, now that you know how to choose a storage company with care, it’s time to take a look at the giveaway signs of cowboy self-storage facilities that should be avoided at all costs.

Five signs a self-storage company is NOT to be trusted

1. Their reputation is non-existent

Here’s the first step to checking out the legitimacy of any company – Google them. Are they nowhere to be found? Perhaps they have a website, but there’s no reviews, anywhere. If they seem not to exist or have a pretty poor reputation with past customers, look for another company.

2. They set up the business just last week

That lack of reputation? It’s down to being new in town. That missing website? It’s just in the process of being set up. The pretty poor security? Yeah, that’s being worked on as we speak.

Self-storage companies come and go ALL the time, and while a new company may not be terrible at what they do, it’s always better to choose a name that’s been around for a good number of years.

3. They lack clear answers to your questions

Customer service – it should be on-point from your first phone call to the time you sign on the dotted line and beyond. If you find that the person or persons you speak to are less than knowledgeable when it comes to simple queries, it could be time to take a hike over to their nearest competitor.

4. They require you to agree to pretty long rental periods

It’s the oldest trick in the book – tying you into a super long contract so that you’re bound to pay, month after month, no matter how bad the service. Any reputable, high-quality self-storage provider will always allow you to leave when you wish, within a reasonable period. Our storage partners, Inner Space Stations, require a straightforward 14 days’ notice.

5. They don’t offer access around the clock

24/7 access, available on request – it’s not only what you should expect for your convenience, it also means that there’s someone on site day and night (pretty important when it comes to the security of your possessions).

Five pointers, five giveaway signs to look out for when choosing your self-storage. Of course, you could always cut out the tick list and simply go by our recommendation instead. Ready to find out more about Inner Space Stations storage, in York? Talk to our team.

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Self storage 5 giveaway signs of a cowboy company