Room to breathe – From boring box room to funky home gym in five simple steps

THAT box room – so small, so uninviting, so uninspiring. Well, fitness fans, it’s time to work up a sweat and transform that space from dull and drab to the perfect place to work out. 

Invigorate, with vibrant décor

Your home gym should be a place of energy and positivity. Even if you’re only working with a small space, don’t scrimp on colour (perhaps just tone it down to an accent colour for certain areas). How about bold blue, vivid pink or striking green?

Small space? You’ll need to harness some home gym hacks

If you’re working with the boxiest of box rooms you’re going to have use your wall space to the max. Use racks for your weights and mats, an over-door pull-up bar, wall hooks for towels, a pull-down weight bench (you get the idea!).

You can also switch out the chunkier (and more expensive) of exercise items for more compact alternatives. For example, a treadmill and a bike could be replaced with a skip rope, a yoga mat, a stepper and free weights, all of which will still provide for plenty of cardio exercise combos.

You can also create the illusion of more space with some cleverly placed mirrors (which can double up for helping you perfect your form as you pump some iron!).

Put up some resistance (bands)

Resistance bands come with plenty of benefits – they’re cheap, take next to no space and can reap some serious results. These loops of rubber can be teamed with all kinds of mainstream exercise moves (from squats to side-steps), so make them a staple part of your home workout.

Hang a handy multi-compartment cubbie

A compartment cupboard can hold your water bottle, towels, DVDs and all the other bits and pieces that go with your fitness regime.  Don’t bother with the doors either – keeping the compartments open helps to ensure you have everything to hand without faffing around.

Think about your floors (and those bones of yours)

Working out can be pretty tough on those floors of yours (jumping, dropping weights, heavy equipment all take their toll on your typical carpet). Hard flooring – such as laminate or concrete – can also be tough on your joints (in the worst instances, they can even cause shin splints and strains). 

But don’t worry – we’re not talking about an expensive replacement. Foam or woven mats will work just as well as soft wooden flooring such as maple. 

So what’ll it be? Pumping iron in your new gym, or going full on zen for an hour of yoga? Whatever you’re dreaming up, we can handle the boring part of your home upgrade, with packing services and removal people right here ready to shift your life from A to B.

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