Business as usual – Five questions to ask your business removals firm

You’re all set to make the most of your business move and its positive impact on the bottom line (and if you aren’t, you should probably read our guide: Six ways to make a business move profitable). Now? You need a commercial removals firm. Here’s what you should ask them, when weighing up your options.

Do you regularly move businesses?

No moving firm specializes exclusively in moving businesses. Instead, this will be one service amongst many, so you’ll need to ask how experienced they are when it comes to looking after commercial clients. Moving a business is not like moving a home. There’s downtime to consider and highly specialised items to handle, which could include computers, servers and filing systems. So you could say that you need the experts who know the ins and outs of a commercial move.

How much ‘Goods in Transit’ insurance do you hold?

This one’s a biggy. ALL removals firms should hold insurance, but the exact coverage will differ from company to company. Some just cover up to £15,000 (which won’t be suitable for most businesses). Others will go the full hog and hold £2 million. This insurance would pay out in the unlikely event that the goods are damaged during the move.

At Van Man York, our insurance offers you the peace of mind for being covered.

Can you also offer a packing and furniture assembling service?

When moving commercial premises, time is money. You don’t want to be putting a pause on business for any longer than is absolutely necessary. Add-on services, such as furniture assembly, packing and cleaning can cut down the time it takes to shift your business from A to B.

Can you move outside of normal working hours?

Need to move with no downtime at all? Then you’ll need a removals firm that operates outside of the standard 9-to-5 – whether this be during the evening or over the weekend. There may be a surcharge for this, but the cost of emails and phones going unanswered is often far more expensive.

Where can I find your customer reviews?

Whatever a removals firm tells you, never believe in it 100% – always seek out the thoughts and opinions of past customers to discover whether they’re really as true as their word.

Van Man York has more than 80 5* reviews over on Google. Now that’s a stellar track record!

We’ve got all the answers, when it comes to your all-important commercial move. For York commercial removals that keep your company ticking over, you may want to get in touch with our team. Ready for your free, fast business removals quote? Use our two-minute quote form, or contact the team via phone or email: 01904 375 995 |

Business as usual Five questions to ask your business removals firm