Cash in the Attic? Valuable Items That Could be Uncovered in a House Move

When you are packing up your boxes for a house move, you’ll invariably have some choices to make. Some items will make the transition to a new home. Others will have outlived their usefulness and be tossed away or donated to charity.

Hold your horses before making any rash decisions, though. You’ll invariably label particular boxes for your move as fragile, but you may also need another category – valuable. You may have a veritable goldmine of items in your home that could raise a substantial sum if sold.

Let’s take a look at some of the items that may be worth money that have otherwise been gathering dust in your house.

Vintage Clothing

Clothing can be a funny thing when moving. This is a chance to purge any garments that you have not worn in a while. Why bother using space in a new home with clothes that no longer fit, or don’t match your current style?

Throw the word, “vintage” in front of clothes, however, and they will suddenly pique interest. The same applies to jewellery. When it comes to clothing, value is in the eye of the beholder. Just because you paid a lot of money for something, it doesn’t mean that it will have retained that price tag.

Some older garments can raise big money, though. Wedding dresses, in particular, can be worth a small fortune. It’s always worth considering a valuation if you’re willing to part with your precious memories.

Retro Pop Culture

The geeks have inherited the earth, and pop culture is more en vogue than ever before. This means that the collector’s market has surged in popularity. Have a rummage through your old possessions and check if there is anything valuable before leaving a box outside your local charity shop’s door.


Rare first edition books can raise huge sums at auction. We’re not just talking about a centuries-old leather-bound complete works of Shakespeare here, either. Sometimes, books can drastically increase in value due to circumstances.

Did you watch the TV show Game of Thrones? It’s likely that you did. Did you read George R. R. Martin’s novel A Game of Thrones when it was first published in 1996, though? If so, you’re in the minority. A first edition hardback copy of this book can easily sell for four figures in the current climate.

Don’t assume that all books are valuable. The paperback thriller you picked up from the supermarket to read on the beach on your last holiday has no cash value. Rare and deleted first editions that have long been superseded by mass market re-releases, however, will attract the attention of a collector or book dealer.

Don’t grow excited about any comics that you find. It’s true that comic book milestones, such as first appearances from cultural touchstones like Superman, Batman and Spider-Man, sell for seven figures. These books were not available for sale in the UK when they were released though, and need to have been perfectly preserved for decades in protective sleeves. A box of back issues of the Beano is worth nothing.

Vinyl Records

Trying to keep up with the constant revolving door of technology can leave you with whiplash. Vinyl was considered hopelessly outdated for years in the age of CDs and digital downloads. Now, though, the format is back in a big way. New releases on 12” sell for twice the price of their compressed counterparts.

Have a rummage through your old records and look for anything rare, out of print or recommissioned. You may be able to earn some serious money for your collection – far more than Cash Convertors would offer. The likeliest earner will be a record that was removed from sale then reissued with a different cover or track listing.

Toys and Games

It’s the human condition to look back on the past with rose-tinted glasses. This means that toys, games or video game consoles from the 1970s, 80s and 90s can be surprisingly valuable.

Obviously the items will need to be complete, in full working order and ideally still boxed. If you do find some cherished childhood memories in your attic or basement, it can’t hurt to take a look at what they’re selling for online.

Antique Furniture

In the age of flat-pack furniture and fast convenience, there will always be a market for high quality, well-constructed antique furniture. Furniture removals can be cumbersome and expensive, so if you don’t need bring something with you, consider selling it on.

Invite an antique expert or dealer to take a walk around your home. Aged tables, chairs and furnishings may be surprisingly valuable. You’d obviously make from a direct sale, but for the sake of convenience, it’s worth considering a lump sum for a job lot.

Ornaments and Decorative Objects

Take a good look at any ornaments and decorative items in your home, such as vases. If you have inherited a family heirloom porcelain vase or tea set, for example, take a look at the base. If you can’t find the tell-tale signs of mass production, such as a generic, “Made in China” stamp, it may have been hand-crafted by an artisan.

Again, you’ll need an expert to really assess the potential value of such items. In fact, it’s advisable to get at least two opinions. Forgeries of classic craftsmanship are increasingly sophisticated and commonplace, and you may find yourself disappointed in the longer term.

All the same, conduct a thorough look assessment of all your bric-a-brac. You may be surprised at what something can be worth. You may have been using a rare and collectable curio as a paperweight in your home office.

We’ll be blunt – the contents of your home are likelier to be worthless than priceless. If household junk was always valuable, we’d all be millionaires by now. All the same, it doesn’t hurt to investigate the opportunity to make a few extra bucks ahead of your move.

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