How to Choose a Removal Company

No matter where you are moving to, hiring a professional removals company will reduce the stress of the experience. It takes a lot of physical and mental organisation to have a successful move and if you’re on a tight deadline as so many are it really helps to have a company in to solve these organisational problems. There is one slight problem and that is – how do you know your removals company is any good? While you won’t really know until afterwards there are some things you can do to understand what it will be like.


Most companies will have websites, social media accounts and other sources where you can check out reviews about their service. You could also ask the company and they may be able to give you a former customers details, so you can contact them and ask about their experiences. Generally, though trusted online reviews will be more reliable because the company has limited control over what they say.


Any moving company that takes it seriously will do site visits and assess the amount of belongings you have. This will allow them to give you an accurate quote and will ensure they provide a large enough van for all of your possessions.


What happens if your beloved possessions are damaged in transit?  For this reason alone, you need to ask what kind of insurance policy the company owns because if they don’t have a policy then you should steer well clear of that company. This is because any damage will not be compensated which could make your move very expensive.


If the company insists that you pay cash in hand, walk away. This is a dubious business practice that will suggest that moving company is un-professional, doesn’t pay tax and will lack experience. Reputable companies will give you the freedom to pay how you want.


Ask about a delays procedure and about what happens with complaints. Clear answers on these questions imply that the company is professional and well-experienced at moving homes. When they answer these if they refer to BAR or British Association of Removers this again shows them to be a quality company that deserves your trust.


While a uniform may seem insignificant it actually tells you the company is approaching removals in a professional manner. It also makes it easier for you to identify your removals team.


You will be calling them up to clarify a lot of these points or at the very least you’ll be exchanging communication on email. A friendly nature in this discussion suggests that they are trustworthy.

Has this helped you decide on a moving company? Give Van Man York a call for a professional and reliable service.

how to choose a removal company