Christmas Holiday Removals

Spring is our busiest time of the year for removals in York. We put this down to the warmer temperatures and the sun streaming through the windows that make many want to relocate to their ideal location. Our second busiest time is during the school holidays as families like to settle before a new school year begins. We also notice a flurry of activity before Christmas, these are the most rushed moves as those who choose house removals in York at this time of year want to be settled quickly so they can enjoy their festivities in their new home. If you plan to move house or office close to Christmas, you need a local van man removals service who will work quickly and transport your belongings as safely as possible to your new house or premises.

Here are some tips to ensure you have a happy and relaxed Christmas if you’re moving house in York throughout November or December.

Moving House In Winter

Many of our customers tell us they wish they’d finished their Christmas shopping before they began to move. Moving into a new home with preparations for Christmas still to do can stress even the most organised household. It may seem strange shopping in August for Christmas treats but it can also save you money, have you noticed how prices for gifts begin to increase the closer to Christmas we get? It’s not only the shopping you can get out of the way, you can:

Wrap Presents for Removal

Then put them all safely in a box read to be loaded onto the removals van and unpacked under the tree on arrival. Keeping your removal packing as organised as possible when we load the delivery vans means an easy and structured unload so everythign arrives in the correct place in the rooms you want to unpack those belongings.

Order Food or Decor

Many butchers and Christmas tree suppliers will allow you to order food and trees as early as you wish. The delivery date may seem like a long time away but it’s another thing to cross off the list.

Combining Removals

Another advantage of moving home near Christmas is the ability to combine events. For example, as you send out your Christmas cards you can also send out cards detailing your home move and your new address. You could also celebrate your home removal in York with a housewarming party with a Christmas or festive theme, killing two birds with one stone and sorting out your side of the socialising for the year.

Deck the Halls Immediately

One family we moved house for on the first of December began unpacking Christmas decorations as soon as we crossed the new threshold. The Christmas decorations were purposely added to our removals van so they could be unloaded first to decorate while we completed the removal job. By the time the van was empty the walls were adorned with festive attire that made everyone feel completely at home. From a garland on the fireplace to a life-size Santa in the hall, the house became an instant home of fun and warmth. They used the nails that previous owners had left in the walls, so it took just minutes to hang everything up. All you have to do to follow their lead is ensure you check your decorations before you move as there’s little more frustrating than unpacking a box full of tangled tinsel or broken Christmas lights at Christmas, home move or not. For all your Christmas home removals, contact us for a free no obligation quote. Our attention to detail ensures that no matter what the weather we always deliver your items safely and of course they’re always fully insured. We’d love to see you settled before the snow begins to fall so make sure you think of us when looking for removals in York.

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