Apples for Apples: Four pointers for comparing removal quotes

Not all removal services are created equal – in fact, there are many differences from any one company’s service compared to the next. Here we explain four core pointers that you should consider when collecting quotes and comparing them side by side.

1. A FREE quote versus obligation

Reputable removal companies will always provide a quote free from charge and free from obligation and pressure to commit to a given price. However there are some companies out there that only provide binding estimates – effectively tying you into a price that is then fixed. This then means that a quote provided on your estimated item weight will be what you pay, unless your items are found to weigh more – in which case the price will be increased come invoice time.

2. Weight and volume

Whilst some removal companies quote as according to the space that your items may take up, other companies will quote solely on the weight of your items. Most UK-based removals firm will charge by the number of professionals that you need, and for how long you’ll need them, on which point it’s worth noting how much the hourly rate will be should you significantly underestimate your belongings. Companies will also consider how many trucks you’ll need and of what size.

3. Working out the distance

A further influential factor on the cost of your quote will be the distance that the removals firm needs to travel from A to B, often referred to in the industry as line haul charges. Be sure to confirm this part of the quote and how much it costs per mile. You should also work out the distance for yourself, rather than relying on the removals company to calculate it correctly. Google Maps or MapQuest can help with this.

4. Added extras

All together the number of vans, moving professionals, weight/volume of your items and the distance to be travelled will form the basis of your quote. However moving on from here, there may also be additional services that are included in the quote – such as packing and unpacking or storage. You should also consider whether you need to enquire about specialist services, such as an added layer of insurance for an item such as a large, valuable painting or antique piano.

Now that you’re all filled in as to what you should look for when comparing removals quotes, it’s time to find out how affordable high quality removals in York are. Call our team on 01904 375 995 or email the office via and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.