Adding it up: Five elements that influence the cost of moving home

Whether scaling up the property ladder or moving into a new rental, moving home can be seriously expensive. When trying to keep those purse strings under control, it pays to be aware of how the cost of moving is affected by the following five core factors.

Five factors that’ll affect the cost of your move…

1. How many helpful friends you can rope in

Many hands make light work – never was a truer word spoken when dealing with the task of a home move. Ultimately the more friends and family you have on hand to help, the faster you’ll move and the fewer professional movers you’ll require. Of course, you may have to compensate them in the form of future favours or a few drinks down your new local (the latter of which may well impact your productivity levels come day 2 of your move!).

2. How much time you have to play with

Time… when moving, there’s never enough of it. From packing to contacting utilities, finding new schools, doctors and dentists – moving tasks can seriously squeeze your schedule and make the need for a packing, cleaning and removal service an essential (as well as making our Ultimate House Move Checklist a must-read).

3. The number of items being moved and their nature

It’s obvious that moving a five-bed family home is going to be more expensive than a 1 bed singleton’s maisonette. What may not be so obvious is that certain items may attract a premium – such as bulky furniture or fragile items that can’t be broken down into smaller components.

4. The distance you’re moving

Here’s a simple pointer on cost – the further you move, the more the move will cost – demanding extra time, fuel and adding in the potential for encountering traffic jams. That’s why it’s advisable that you use an experienced moving firm if you’re travelling a significant distance, which should also mean that your possessions are insured for the longer journey.

5. The amount of furniture to be manhandled

Being in good physical shape can save you a bundle when it comes to moving your furniture yourself, however even the fittest of our customers are consistently surprised at just how physically demanding a move can be. What’s more those big items – such as sofas, fridges, freezers, beds and tables, really require at least two pairs of hands.

We hate to break it to you, but moving home is far from fun – it’s time-consuming, costly and incredibly stressful. But being organised is half the battle, and having the right help is the other half. Which is right about where we step in.

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Adding it up Five elements that influence the cost of moving home