The big business move: Get creative (and productive) in your next office space

We’re hedging our bets that you just saw your business move as a big pain in the 9-to-5. But then you discovered our blog – packed with enlightening topics such as how you can make your move profitable and why moving can be good for business growth and recruitment. And the good news doesn’t end there, either.

In this blog, we share our top tips for getting creative with your brand-new working space (and how making the right choices can make your staff happier, more productive and cohesive).

Foster collaboration with an open plan layout

The days of office pig pens are over (or at least they should be). With an open plan office, workers can communicate freely and work together more efficiently. Hellooooo boost in sales!

Create a communal space

Informal communal spaces and break-out areas have long been used by some of the most innovative workplaces in the world. And if it’s good enough for the likes of Google, Apple and Facebook, it’s certainly good enough for you. These areas can be used for socialising, brainstorming or simply stepping away from the desk to re-charge for a few minutes (the latter point being particularly important in the day and age of worker anxiety and depression – from which 20% of us suffer).

Let the light in!

When workers spend a third of their lives at work, it’s critically important that they enjoy the most amount of natural light possible. So important in fact, that research has found lack of exposure to light is linked to physiological, sleep and depressive symptoms.

You can maximize the natural light in your office by placing desks close to windows, and arranging furniture in a way that doesn’t obstruct natural light. If you must have private spaces, and budget allows, glass walls with electronic privacy glass can be a great alternative to stud walls. However cheaper alternatives can include white furniture, mirrors and high shine surfaces.

Brand your office space

Reflecting your corporate identity in the decor of your office is a great way to create a sense of belonging. This could be as simple as following your company colour scheme, or it could include wall murals and furniture that reflects your company’s personality.

Nurture an office forest

Indoor office environments can be toxic, with research showing that there can be as much as 5x the amount of pollution inside, as compared to outside.  Plants not only help to eradicate these toxins and purify the air, they’ve also been proven to boost our mood and even worker productivity!

Good plants for the low level of light typically found in an office include: bromeliads, philodendron, peace lilies and dracaenas.

So that’s how to create an office space for highly productivity and employee happiness. Now? You just need to pack up, get in, and get straight. We can help with all of these things, with our business removals in York. So you can just concentrate on getting those creative juices bubbling.

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The big business move Get creative and productive in your next office space