So long, Anglais: 5 things you’ll probably forget to do

In previous blogs, we’ve shared our top tips on everything from moving cross continent, to settling into a new life (wherever in the world it may be). Now we want to talk about five things you’d probably have forgotten to do if it weren’t for the help of these handy reminders.

Calling your credit card company

The last thing you want upon arriving at your destination is to have your card flatly refused (especially when you’re in need of a caffeine pick-me-up following a flight or looooong car journey). Yet this is a very real possibility unless you let your card company know of your impending travels, as transactions in a foreign country rightly flag up as out of the ordinary.

Making sure you have a functioning phone

Smartphones are now part and parcel with everyday life – they’re always with us and constantly relied on for staying in touch with the world. So the question is whether you’ve ensured you can even use your phone once you reach foreign soil?

If you’ve not yet done your research on contract providers, just pick up a pay as you go sim from the airport upon arrival.

Informing your utility companies of your move

Yup, despite that exciting European country beckoning, it’s an unfortunate fact of life that boring stuff such as bills still need to be dealt with. Talk about dull!

Printing out plenty of pictures of loved ones

Whether sashaying off into the sunset of Casablanca, or all set to sniff the tulips in Holland, you’re probably leaving behind a whole host of people you’ll miss. So don’t forget to print off a few pictures to hang up upon arrival.

Keeping a camera handy for the journey

Your new life is just around the corner, and photos of the journey towards it can serve as precious keepsakes in the future. So be sure to keep a camera or smartphone to hand to document each stage of the journey – you’ll be glad you did in a few years’ time!

Documenting every item of importance

Just moving down the road can result in all sorts of lost belongings, so a move across Europe – with all the different modes of transportation – throws up plenty more opportunities for accidental loss or theft.

Be sure to make a list of all of your valuables and vital items, and take photographs where appropriate – this includes you debit and credit cards, passports, and expensive electronics.

All set for your European adventure? Whether you’ll soon be saying Auf Wiedersehen, Au revoir or Adiós to England, we’ll be there to move you from here to there, stress free, with our trusted, professional European removals service. Use our two-minute quote form, or get in touch with Ralph, owner of Van Man York on 07931 849 112, or via