Moving? Do yourself a favour and declutter

Are you counting down to move day? No matter whether it may be months away, now is the time to survey each room and visualise packing up everything that you own. This simple task can help you appreciate just how mammoth a challenge you may have on your hands and it can also give you a reason to begin a mass declutter right away. Here we explain how to easily de-clutter your home and potentially make a few pounds in the process.

Sell online – via eBay or Gumtree

Selling any surplus items can make for a nice little boost to your bank balance (and just at the right time too, after all, moving is an expensive business!). This can also make getting rid of those sentimental items that little bit easier as the money can go towards something you need for your new home. Whilst eBay is the most popular option, posting on Gumtree and other online notice boards are usually cheaper.

Give your item a second lease of life

Giving away your items to charity not only means that you’re doing good for a worthy cause, but it can also remove the hassle of listing items online or in the local paper. Just remember to register for gift aid when you drop your items off – this ensures any sales are boosted with 25% tax relief, and you get to see exactly how much has been raised from your items.

Gift them to someone else

Before you sell your items or give them away to charity, you may want to see whether friends or family could benefit from your property (thankfully, Facebook makes this simple – in 2 minutes flat a message can reach almost every one you know and you can easily include photos).

Find out whether there are any local re-homing initiatives

A final idea you may want to consider is finding out whether there are any local charity initiatives that accept old furniture for those in need. This can remove the largest of items from your home, direct from your doorstep, whilst ensuring the most vulnerable and needy in society have a bed to sleep on, a sofa to sit on or a table to eat from.

For the items you do hold onto – there is our expert team of removal guys and girls

Now that you’re feeling zen with a clear and uncluttered home, it’s time to get moving and transfer the items that you’ve chosen to keep.

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decluttering while moving house