Do’s and Don’ts When Moving Office

Now that the pandemic has finally entered the endemic stage, companies are taking stock of their business models. Many are re-evaluating how they do business in the post-pandemic era. Faced with global supply chain issues, increasing employee burnout and an increase in consumer demand for more automated processes, business owners are now shifting their attention toward more sustainable business practices. For some, as one article shows, this entails downsizing the office space. For others, relocating to a space that facilitates a hybrid work environment. Yet others decide to do away with an office space entirely and shift to fully remote work. If you are a business owner planning to move office, here is our top list of do’s and don’ts. You can also read our previous article on essential services for your office move, and get some solid advice on pitfalls to avoid when moving your office here.

Do hire professional services

That includes hiring a reputable, removal firm, in addition to professional cleaning services. When preparing for a major move, you will definitely need professional help to ensure that your move goes smoothly. While your staff can help you organize and categorize office inventory, a moving company will guarantee that all items are securely packed, loaded, transported and unloaded, and installed and/or reassembled. After all, an industrial printer and refrigerator are not items you should ask Mark from accounting to bring over on his truck. Similarly, if you are leasing your current space, it is best to conduct a thorough cleaning before surrendering the lease. Hiring a professional cleaning company will give you the peace of mind that the wine that Jenny spilled on the carpet at the last office party, will not be grounds for the leasing agent to keep your security deposit.

Do budget for storage

So you have allocated your removal budget, but did you include storage? If you own a medium to large-size company, it is likely that you will need more than one day to complete your move. We advise renting temporary storage in the event of delays, and insufficient storage space at the new location. When it comes to moving, some issue inevitably creeps up which often brings the relocation to a halt. This delay may put you in a flurry trying to find a location to store your office items until the issue is resolved. Some office moves take place gradually. Physical preparation, ensuring properly functioning outlets and plumbing, followed by deep cleaning. Next comes moving in special equipment, filing cabinets and office furniture; followed by storage containers, etc. Whatever your process, having access to a secure storage facility will surely help. For more tips on moving office, read this article.

Don’t forget to notify your service or utility providers

This might seem to be obvious, but some business owners simply forget to inform their service providers of their move. Often you can inform these companies a month in advance of your disconnection date. If you choose to continue their services at your new office, you should arrange for reconnection services. Heeding this advice will ensure that all utilities: water, electricity, telephone and internet, will be readily available at the new location. Allowing you to settle in quickly and get back to business as usual. Similarly, do not forget your stakeholders. A simple email informing them of a change in business address should suffice. You could also update your company’s address on email signatures, its website, social media accounts, etc. Wouldn’t it be tragic if that couple, Alex and Seema, your loyal customers of 15 years, went down to your old office not having the faintest clue that you’d relocated?

Don’t forget the traffic!

Having run your business in its present location for some time you will be well aware of the ebbs and flows of the traffic in the area. This is another element that is sometimes overlooked when scheduling packers and movers. So take into consideration the traffic conditions when selecting the days and times of your move. Of course, some neighbourhoods are notoriously congested, in that case, you will simply have to be patient and flexible. If traffic is a major issue in your present neighbourhood or at the new office location, be sure to adopt a more staggered approach when scheduling the different elements of your move. When it comes to having different teams carry out your move, one delay can have a snowballing effect. So including some time between tasks should prevent significant delays on moving day and keep you relatively on schedule.

Certainly we have not exhausted the list of do’s and don’ts but we have highlighted a few that we think are of upmost importance. This article, by Avatar Relocation, provides an even more detailed list. If you are planning to relocate offices, feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to discuss your needs and the options available to you. Find out more about our commercial removals service or get in touch with the team.

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