Efficient Packing

When it comes to moving house, the one thing that can help more than anything on the day itself is efficient packing. Did you know that removal companies like us, who specialise in removals in Yorkshire and around the UK can help provide different solutions to packing, whether boxes, efficient labelling systems or a plan on what gets moved first? All movers agree that efficient packing is essential – find out why a packing plan is crucial when moving, and how things can go wrong without it.

Things don’t get lost

Taking the time to ensure that all items are packed away may seem like a laborious task, however many movers don’t realise how spending time wisely is time well spent.

Separating packing by room, ensuring that nothing is mixed and everything is accounted for, means that the likelihood of items getting lost is dramatically reduced. While many movers may think that nothing will be forgotten, they can be surprised when they realise that something essential was left at an old property. Moving companies ensure than nothing is lost, as they utilise their time wisely, and use resources to ensure that property is packed as tightly, efficiently and safely as possible. Moving companies also check every single item against an inventory, making the likelihood of losing something even less.

Take things slow

When moving rushing is the worst thing that can be done. Addressing packing room by room is the best way to go about things. Sorting out the house one room at a time means that items are packed away safely. This means that stress levels are not high on the big day, helping make the transition from home to home smoother.

Going slow also ensures that the likelihood of injury is reduced, rushing can lead to severe injuries when carrying ineffective packing, or working under a fast paced, unstructured environment – Less likelihood of falling down the stairs when carrying boxes.

Think Ahead

When in a new home, everything will not be unpacked on the first day. This means that thinking ahead is essential to decide what will be needed when at the new home. Packing first night essentials means that boxes will not be ripped into within seconds, because you can’t remember where something is. This goes for preparing overnight bags, and making sure that other useful objects are at hand. This goes for doing any laundry before moving – there is nothing worse than having a separate box of dirty washing just sat there. If it’s needed, pack it first.

Efficient removal packing