The end of academic year move – How to be a model citizen

It’s the end of the academic year. There’s so much to do, so many people to say bye to, and your worldly belongings to pack-up. Shesh, you’re going to be busy. While the media is reporting students en masse leaving behind landfill size piles of rubbish, you know that you and your fellow students are responsible adults (most of the time at least). Here we take a look at four simple tips for moving like the model citizen you are (we’re pretty certain you’ll be given the key to the city for your efforts).

Pack up, then clean up

Get everyone together to decide who’ll tackle which of the communal areas such as the garden, kitchen and bathrooms, and don’t forget the front of the house – whether that means mowing the lawn or collecting up all that stray litter that’s collected on your yard.

It’s easier to clean communal areas once all your items are moved out, but you can still get a head start with a light clean up in the countdown to term end. Getting started in good time can also help you in identifying any areas that need repair, which will prove essential if you’re to get that deposit back (and if you’re concerned about whether your letting agent/landlord will even release the deposit, read our guide: Student – your landlord refuses to return your deposit, what next?).

Have a trip into town rather than an all-night party at home

Let’s face it, the last end of term meetup is probably going to get messy. Rather than keeping the neighbours up, make your way into town to take advantage of those end of year bar offers (you’ll neighbours will thank you for it!).

Dealing with waste

The biggest complaint about students checking out is the mounds of waste left behind after they leave, so be sure to get rid of everything responsibly. Donate anything in a good condition to charity, recycle waste that can be recycled, and check the Local Authority website to find out about disposing of items such as beds, fridges and general waste that won’t fit into the regular bin. You’ll need to do this in good time however, as the amount of waste one academic year creates is not to be underestimated!

None student neighbours? Say thanks!

They’ve put up with late-night, wobbly walks home, lively summer BBQ’s and impromptu gatherings without so much as a complaint. Buying a small token gift to show your appreciation isn’t expected, but it will most certainly be appreciated. Something simple such as flowers, chocolates or even just a thank you card will do the job nicely.

Who said moving was easy? Erm, us, actually. Or at least it is with our student removals service in York. While you’ll need to tackle your fridge of food, we can help with everything else – from packing to unpacking at the other side.

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The end of academic year move How to be a model citizen