Going green – Five things to look for in your new, energy efficient business property

If you’re thinking about moving there’s something you should know – picking a commercial property that’s not energy efficient is going to cost you. BIG time. 

The average medium-sized business churns through between 30,000 to 50,000 kWh each year, resulting in an electricity bill of £3,146, and uses gas of around 45,000 kWh (adding £1,424 to that figure). With energy prices that continue to rise, these numbers should concern every business owner. And if you’re soon to make a move, you must pay attention to the following five factors…

The property’s Energy Efficiency Certificate 

All commercial properties must now be let with an Energy Performance Certificate. This helps you to understand how high your energy bills may be. Buildings are rated from A (the most efficient) to G (the least efficient). This guide to minimum energy efficiency standards for commercial buildings tells you everything you need to know.

It’s now an offence to grant, extend or renew a lease of a commercial property with an EPC rating of below E. And from 2023 it will be an offence to continue to let commercial property with an EPC rating of below E.

Air-conditioning (something NOT to look for)

Your heating may be off during the summer months, but your air con system that whirls away steadily racks up a nice little bill for you to pay. Fans, in comparison, are far more energy efficient, using £0.1 per two hours of use, compared to £0.67 to £1 for the same time frame.

So if you thought air con was an essential, think again (your future bank balance may thank you).

High energy efficiency products

Whether your office comes fully fitted out or you buy your own tech, always look for the ‘Energy Star’. These products are in the top 30% of their category. Let’s take a working example of an office dishwasher. An Energy Star-certified dishwasher will use 40% less water and 50% less energy than a dishwasher without this rating. 

Wall and roof installation

Without insulation, 30% of heating escapes through the roof of a building, which means that you’re paying for energy that you never even really use. And that’s not the only issue with commercial property that is poorly insulated. Because if your building isn’t energy efficient, you could encounter humidity problems, where air gets trapped in-between the walls and insulation (queue an expensive repair bill or continual calls to your landlord to get it fixed!).

Double glazing

Statistics show that anything up to 48% of heating escapes through the windows, with this number rising in properties where windows are only single glazed. In short, double glazing is essential, triple glazing would be a nice bonus, but single glazing? That’s an out and out no no if you want an energy efficient business.

Once you’ve found your new planet-friendly property, you’ll need a hand shifting your business. Our team have more than a decade experience in York commercial removals (and we also offer UK-wide and international coverage). Click for your two-minute online quote, or call Ralph and he’ll answer any questions you might have.

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