Essential Services For Your Office Move

If moving home is stressful, then moving an entire business is even more so – get it wrong, and you could face downtime that costs you big time (you can read about the biggest mistakes to be avoided in our blog: 7 office removal mistakes NOT to make).

Let’s be clear here, with desks to dismantle, piles and piles of filing to be packed and an entire office of tricky furniture to get out of the door, this task is far from straightforward. Oh, and that’s before you’ve even moved onto your fragile computing equipment – where one wrong move could well leave you without a vital bit of office kit until you can afford a replacement. It’s safe to say that you’re going to need a few helping hands if your office move is to run smoothly – here are our suggestions for essential services that will help you along the way.


Packing and unpacking isn’t only time-consuming, it also demands knowledge as to how various items should be packed in a way that protects them. There are companies that offer this as a standalone service, as well as removals firms, such as ourselves, who provide this as an add on to their core removals service.


Despite your master plan for moving, your office move may go wrong, and you may face the need for placing items into storage. Alternatively you may have to deal with a time difference between when your old lease ends and your new one begins. In either event, you’ll need to find some a suitable storage facility. The alternative would be to squeeze your business items into your personal life – in which event, you may want to check your home insurance policy, as the items may not be covered.

Furniture assemblers

Taking apart your furniture and constructing it at the other side is a task that your employees will not thank you for (and if you thought it could be considered team building, you may want to envisage a warring workforce who are attempting to put furniture back together with no instructions and a hundred and one pieces).


Think that a quick once over after all of your items are removed is going to cut the mustard? You may be surprised that end of tenancy cleaning is seriously time consuming, and whilst you may have thought you were on top of your cleaning during your time in the office, removing a whole office of furniture can reveal all manner of sins. Our advice? Consider using the services of a specialist end of tenancy cleaning company.

Keeping your business up and running with only minimal disruption during a move is a task for the professionals. Find out how affordable our office removals in York are with a free, no obligation quote. Call our team on 01904 375 995 or email the office via and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.