Moving’s a risky business – Five areas of commercial risk you should weight up

Business owner, there are few times as stressful as when planning to move your company. It’s time-consuming, risky and, if you get it wrong, incredibly expensive. All in all, you need to plan every last detail. Which is right about where these five risk areas come in (along with links to our past guides to help ease you through what you should be thinking about).

The five risk areas of making a commercial move

IT security – The risk to your data and systems is drastically increased during a move

GDPR means that you have a legal obligation to keep your customers’ personal data safe, which also demands its own risk assessment for your upcoming move.

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Management & Planning – Or the lack of it!

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to swoop in and rescue a business move gone awry. 

Relocating an office is seemingly underestimated on a regular basis. Get to grips with everything it entails (not just the packing up and logistics, but the piles of administrative work too).

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Communication (both with employees & with customers)

Poor communication can be detrimental to a move. Customers could be left with out-of-date details, employees might be demoralised by having to travel further each day. Explaining the why, when and what of your move (with at least 6 months’ advance warning) is mission-critical.

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Technology – Incorrect use of tech can leave the business offline during a move.

Even if you’ve planned every last detail of your move, just a single delay can mean that you’re not ready for business come Monday morning. 

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Asset damage – Often underappreciated when moving business

From servers to swing chairs, any office asset can be damaged while in transit without the proper care and attention. And if you’re considering using only your workers to move your goods, remember that between your old premise and your new lies plenty of potential for personal injury (31% of people who’ve moved house in the last five years say they’ve injured or hurt themselves during the process).

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Five fast tips for moving your business 

  1. Make someone accountable!
  2. Think Security – of your data, office possessions and your people
  3. Make communication a big theme and get your workers on board
  4. Technology is your friend, use it wisely
  5. Use Processes & Checklists

Business owner, you have enough to worry about without fretting over packing, moving and unloading. Our team handles business moves in Yorkshire and (far) beyond. So whether you’re moving from Scarborough to Skipton, or Harrogate to Hamburg, we’ll be with you.

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