Five relaxing activities you can do at home

For most of us, we are entering our third year of navigating life in a pandemic. It seems that many have conceded to the notion that the “new normal” involves observing health protocols, wearing masks and frequent hand sanitization when engaging in activities with others. Let’s face it, it’s far from ideal but if following these steps results in a modicum of normalcy, the vast majority seem to be willing to comply. Interestingly, with pandemic fatigue now on the rise, the more cautious among us prefer to eliminate the need for these measures entirely by simply staying indoors. Of course, while staying in significantly reduces one’s risk of exposure to the virus, it also engenders questions about one’s mental health and wellbeing. There is no shortage of information online on strategies to alleviate stress from the comfort of your home. In fact, just doing a quick google search will produce a plethora of blog articles on ways to relax at home; we would like to share our five favourite with you.

1. Get creative

You might have noticed that the latest trend for adults is colouring. Whether it is in a traditional colouring book, on your tablet or phone, colouring seems to have emerged as a favourite past time for adults. And rightly so as some suggest that the benefits of colouring for adults are both physical and psychological: reducing our anxiety levels, improving sleep and our ability to focus. So if you’re a bit old-school like us, pick yourself up an art therapy colouring book at Ryman’s or WH Smith and get started! If you feel like adding a social element to the experience, why not invite a few pals to join you over Zoom or FaceTime for a virtual sip and colour, or paint or even draw? This is perhaps our favourite at home activity since relaxation is guaranteed and as an added bonus you’re left with something pleasant to look at in the end.

2. Pamper yourself

After a long day at work, perhaps standing the entire journey on your commute home, is there any better way to relax than soaking your feet in a warm bath with mineral salts and a gentle foot massage using essential oils? Just thinking about the soothing aroma of lavender or gentle tingling of peppermint puts us in a zen state. Certainly, the relaxing effect of a foot bath and massage is undeniable; some suggest that they can even help improve sleep quality. On a budget? No problem. Check out the sale section of the Boots website for their special offers. You may be surprised at the affordable range of products from Himalayan salts, to foot creams and scrubs, to even self-care bundles. And remember, self-care is not for women only, we definitely want to encourage our male readers to add this simple ritual to your weekly routine. If you would like some guidance on how to effectively massage your feet, check out this Web MD article and this tutorial video.

3. Mental and emotional detox Maybe you weren’t expecting this one, but there is a lot to be said about the therapeutic effect of writing. With so many external stressors around us, much of what causes those bouts of insomnia, negative feelings, aches and pains, etc., is often stored ever so neatly away in the recesses of our minds, and few of us take the time to actually process those thoughts and feelings. So here’s our two cents, grab a pen or pencil and a notepad, even your phone or tablet will do, and start writing. It will only be a matter of time till you experience the benefits yourself: improved memory and mental health, reduced stress levels, among others.

4. Feed the soul

There is no shortage of self-help gurus on the internet these days. While we do not advocate blindly following every person who has a platform, there are a number of certified professionals who give proven advice on a wide range of topics, based on their significant years of experience working in psychology. So, why not try listen to something up-building? Dr. Ramani Durvasula is one famous, clinical psychologist who offers rather insightful counsel on relationships. Ted Talks are also a rich source of inspirational material. Oprah Winfrey’s The Me You Can’t See is an equally thought-provoking series available on Apple TV. These are merely a few suggestions to get you started. Everyone’s mental health needs are different, but what is certain, feeding our minds on positive content does much to shape our outlook on life and should make us more grounded individuals, less prone to stress.

5. Get in some quality time

Don’t get us wrong, after spending months in close quarters with your significant other, the idea of spending quality time with him/her may seem far from relaxing. However, engaging in a leisurely activity like cooking, watching a comedy or giving each other massages often creates opportunities for laughter, which as we all know is good for the soul. For our single readers, spending time with your pet is also another great way to relax. So whether it involves sitting on the sofa giving your pet a belly rub, or a little cuddle, even a game of fetch, we’re sure that you’ll be feeling much more relaxed after! We’ve spoken quite a bit about our favourite activities to do to relax at home, but we haven’t forgotten about the calming effect of cleaning. This is a judgement free zone, so we tip our hats

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