Five Things Everyone Misses When They Move Out of York

York is a fantastic city to live in, with a wealth of culture, entertainment and history to explore, as well as a few individual quirks. With so much going for such a small city, moving away can be a real challenge that leaves some former residents heartbroken. There are lots of things residents miss when they move away but these five are the things sure to make you reminisce about the ancient city you are leaving behind.

The Shambles

Nothing comes close to the quirky nature of this unique area, no matter where you go, you won’t find anything like The Shambles. Going shopping will never be the same again. The pure joy of strolling around these picturesque streets cannot be compared to plodding around a fluorescent lit shopping centre.


While other cities will have bars and restaurants too, we’re sure York’s entertainment scene will reign supreme in your heart. The diverse choice of exceptional restraunts and traditional pubs is hard to beat.

The Charm

York has unique appeal that no other city comes close to replicating. From the Shambles to the historic parks and medieval architecture, there’s an ever present charm in the old streets and sense of history. Whether it is simply walking through the gates each morning or having lunch in one of the beautiful parks, York’s quaint charms can be found in every nook and cranny.

Street Names

Nowhere else has street names that are anywhere near as interesting as those you will find in York. ‘Whip Ma Whop Ma Gate’ is the quintessential example of the playful nature of the local street names. You’ll also miss getting lost amongst all the similar sounding gates (of which there are plenty).


It isn’t a day in York unless you have been held up by some of the city’s winged residents. There are very few cities with as much wildlife that freely wanders the street causing traffic jams and chaos in local convenience stores. Unless you’re moving to the Serengeti it is highly unlikely that wild animals will factor in to your day as much as they will have during your time in York.

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five things people miss when they move out of York