Moving House in York: Don’t Forget to Do These Commonly Forgotten Tasks

You’ve created a million and one checklists, ticked off your inventory and have a day by day run down as to what needs doing and when. However, with all the organisation and move management skills in the world, there are tasks that are often forgotten, here’s what you may have overlooked.

1. Create an essentials box

Items that you may want to consider include: basic food and drink prep items (such as a kettle, cups, tea, sugar and coffee for drinks); and saucepan, cutlery and plates for a quick-fix meal) toiletries, pet food, towels, a change of clothes, and other essentials.

2. Tell the world about your move (including these commonly forgotten companies)

You may have told every friend and associate about your upcoming move, but have you covered all of the bases with the companies you use or the service providers that need to know? Royal Mail (for a mail re-direct), utility companies, the bank, doctors, and your employer will all need to know your new address (and you may need to move your doctors if your new home will be out of the service area for that practice).

3. Think about your food

If you’ve not prepared to move your food, now is the time to do so. Many movers try to work their way through the contents of their fridge and freezer in the run up to the day, however if you do need to move food, you should invest in an ice box. Don’t, whatever you do, move with a full freezer (even if you’re just moving down the road) as this can result in food leakage that damages your other items in transit.

4. Label your boxes (with more detail than just the room name)

Unless you have plenty of helping hands on move day, the chances are that you’re going to be unable to pack every box in one day; for this reason, it’s wise to not only label boxes with the room name, but to also include a list of the items in the box (this can help you prioritise which boxes you should unpack first – and where you need to find one item amongst a hundred and one boxes).

You should also remember to note which boxes contain fragile items and whether certain boxes should be placed a particular way up.

5. Leave these things out of it

In the midst of being super organised, you may pack away items that you should have on you. This includes your credit cards, drivers licence, keys and move clothes (a comfy outfit that is going to be suitable even if unpredictable weather comes along).

With these common mistakes avoided, you’ll be set for a house move that runs smoothly. If you’d like to ensure that your items are transported free from issue by an experienced team of house moving pros, we’re here. Use our quick online quote tool and discover how reasonable our pricing is or find out more about our York home removals; alternatively you can phone our team on 07931 849 112 or 01904 375 995, or email us via

Moving House in York Dont Forget to Do These Commonly Forgotten Tasks