Boxes – Don’t buy, get them for free

It’s a timeless phenomenon – that until you move, you have literally no idea as to how big a pile your personal effects amount to. Even if you live in a compact one-bed apartment, the amount of boxes you’ll need is sure to surprise you, and if you don’t want to break the bank with packaging supplies, you’re going to need a few savvy ideas for securing plenty of boxes for free – for which we have five suggestions.

1. Send a shout out on social media

Start your box hunt with your nearest, dearest and many hundreds of associates across social media – a 1 minute update that could well solve your packaging dilemma in one fell swoop (who knows, you might even get a few offers of help with the packing itself!). If you know someone else who’s just moved you could also ask them – they’ll likely be glad to free up some space.

2. Ask your removals firm

Some removals firms will provide free boxes or boxes at a cut price deal when you use their service – so don’t be afraid to ask.

3. Ask local businesses, organisations and institutions

Large local businesses such as supermarkets may have a small stock of boxes available, however you’re more likely to get a good pile of boxes from places such as your local library, bookstore, college, pub or school.

4. Check Gumtree or Freecycle

Every so often websites such as Gumtree and the UK version of Freecycle offer up a golden nugget of free boxes – so they’re more than worth a quick search.

5. Your local recycling centre

Recycling centres are often not only overloaded with boxes to be recycled, but also boxes that have carried other’s recycling – give your local centre a call (but make sure that the boxes have only carried dry, clean items – the last thing you want is an errant collection of baked beans stuck to your cherished music collection!).

Now that you have a supply of boxes to rival Asda’s, it’s time to get packing like a pro – read our advice for ensuring your valuables make it to your new property in one piece.

Moving is an expensive business, and while you may be tempted to tackle it yourself, the packaging supplies and your own valuable time (not to mention the stress) can make handling your move alone somewhat of a false economy. Discover how affordable a professional helping hand can be, with our removals service. Call our team on 01904 375 995 or email the office via and we’ll be right back in touch.