Get ready – 7 tasks to tackle before the packers arrive

If you’ve chosen to get a helping hand from professional home packers you’ve made a wise move. Here are seven tasks that you can tackle to make sure the service runs as smoothly as possible and to ensure you don’t end up paying over the odds.

1. Purge your possessions

The last thing you want to do is end up paying for the packing of items that you really no longer want or need. Make this process easy by following our tips for a pain-free home declutter.

2. Be aware of the items your packers won’t pack

There are some items that professional packers don’t accommodate, this includes:

  • Hazardous items – such as corrosive, explosive or flammable materials (including certain cleaning supplies and substances such as oil and fuel).
  • Perishables – such as any form of food and drink – whether fresh, dry or frozen.
  • Plants – as plants are fragile and prone to damage during transit you’ll need to arrange for these to be packed yourself.

3. Create a full inventory of all of your property

It’s essential that you have a full inventory to refer to – both to ensure that all of your possessions arrive, as well as for helping with organisation once you’ve made it to your new property. This list should detail each of the boxes and their individual contents. This task may sound arduous and time-consuming, however there are plenty of home moving apps that can help not only with inventory creation, but also with things such as exploring your new neighbourhood, hiring a moving company and planning your moving timeline.

4. Set up a No-Packing zone

Moving house is chaotic, even when you have a helping hand from professional packers and movers; creating a room that’s completely packaging and storage free can give you a little breathing space away from the disorder, and also allow for privacy whilst your team of packers are working away. You should also remember to clearly label anything that’s NOT to be packed (simply sticking some post it notes on will suffice).

5. Put your essentials box together and keep it close by

Before your packers arrive you should collect all the items that you’ll need easy access to on move day and in the immediate time after you arrive. This includes items such as food preparation equipment, food, drink, a kettle, water, a change of clothes, toiletries and prescription medicine.

6. Prepare your children and pets for the packers’ arrival

If you have small children or pets you should plan ahead for allowing the packers to undertake their jobs safely. This includes which rooms may be out of bounds and where your pets should be kept. You should also advise the packers as to which doors should be kept shut, and take precautionary measures if necessary – such as putting up baby gates.

7. Consider tackling the higher value items yourself

Whilst your professional packers should carry insurance, you may want to handle the packing of valuable or irreplaceable items yourself. Even where you could claim on insurance should something get broken, the inconvenience of doing so will only add to the mammoth amount of tasks on your list post-move.

Now that you’re primed to be ready to roll as soon as the packers arrive, it may be time to organise your professional packers and removals in York. Call our team on 01904 375 995 or email the office via and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.