Graduation is just a week away; let’s get you packing!

Where has the time gone? You’re probably thinking about the butterflies you felt the first day you stepped onto campus, and now, here you are submitting your final assignment. The moment is likely a little bitter-sweet but reality beckons; graduation is just a week away, and you have done absolutely nothing! Okay, deep breaths, there is no need to panic. Our article on The end of academic year move provides some key points to consider when moving out at the end of the academic year. We thought we’d go a bit further and share some valuable tips to help you get organised for yet another big move.

Get organised: to-do lists

So you have one week to get packed and return the keys to your landlord. It’s time to take out your phone, tablet or pen and paper and prioritise your to-do list. Here’s what ours would look like:

  1. Identify and sell items you no longer need. Student hubs or unions are a great spot for selling off small appliances, kitchen utensils and other items collected over the year, for example, a microwave or printer, books, maybe even a bicycle. So take a few well-lit pictures and post in the forum, be sure to include price negotiable to peak interest.
  2. Sort unwanted clothing items. If you’re returning home to a warmer climate, think of donating or selling your winter clothes. While this chapter is ending for you, it may just be beginning for another person, why not take advantage of a charitable moment?
  3. Get packing. We cannot stress this enough, please resist the tendency to just dump everything into your suitcases or boxes. Pack only the essentials and toss anything else that cannot be sold or gifted. This is especially important for international students who would likely dread paying overweight fees at the airport.
  4. Schedule time to say goodbye to your mates. Let’s be honest, it is very possible that you will not see the majority of your classmates again, so have that last drink, chat or party. It is a great way to close off this chapter of your life.
  5. Clean, clean, clean. No one wants to lose their security deposit, so once the boxes and suitcases are packed, do a nice deep clean of the flat. This should involve sweeping and mopping the floors, or vacuuming; cleaning out and wiping the fridge, freezer and oven; wiping down the stove, countertops, sink; cleaning the toilet and bathroom. Lastly, if possible, ensure that the outside of the house is also tidy.

Get organised: labels are your friends tip: adequate labelling makes unpacking less daunting. A lot of what was mentioned above involves sorting. You’d be surprised at how much one person can accumulate in a year, so in moving out, you’ll likely have a big “to go” pile. Once you’ve discarded those items and begin packing, try to organise your belongings into smaller categories: stationary, toiletries, clothes, shoes, books and the like, then just add labels. The packaging should determine the number of labels and complexity of the organisation. If packing a suitcase, put toiletries in an unlabelled, clear zip-lock bag. On the other hand, if packing a box, jeans could be placed in a colour coded, labelled bag, while tees go in a bag with a differently coloured label You get the idea.

The possibilities are endless, from homemade labels (try channelling your inner creative and have some fun) to paid, downloadable labels (time is of the essence). Whatever you decide, remember, labels are your friends, be sure to thank us later.

Get organised: set deadlines

You may be thinking, it’s only a week, what good is setting up deadlines? The truth is that a lot can be accomplished in a week. Rather than thinking of this week as 7 days, why not think about it as over 100 hours or over 6000 minutes that you have at your disposal? (Of course, we’re reasonable and have already deducted a generous 8 hours of sleep per day in that week – we all know you’ve done with less). The point is a lot can be done in a week, once you’re not wasting time. Having a visual timeline of what should be done and when, has numerous benefits: it motivates you to keep on track, helps you avoid procrastinating, and ultimately makes moving out less stressful. You’ve already survived a gruelling academic year, why make your last week taxing? Trust our expert advice; you won’t regret it.

Get organised: get help

You know that saying, “no man is an island”? Well that is certainly true when it comes to moving. Now is the time to make full use of all the resources at your disposal, friends included. We all have that one friend who is the king or queen of the organisation. Why not choose a day or two to have him/her come over to help you declutter, discard, sort and pack? Don’t forget a meal, drinks or snacks are great motivators and will make the work seem lighter. Certainly, if you are really pressed for time, do consider enlisting professional help. We’re more than happy to chat with you and provide a quote based on your needs and budget.

Whether you decide to pack on your own, with friends, or hire professional help, we are certain that the above suggestions will help you pack up and move out without a hitch.

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