How Removal Companies are a Green Moving Alternative

Many people do not know that using a removal company can benefit the environment. We’ve successfully completed thousands of removals in York and surrounding areas so we reckon we know a fair bit about this subject! Read more and discover how hiring a mover can help contribute towards a greener world.

Less Trips

Movers are experts at managing their time and moving possessions as quickly and efficiently as possible. This means that when a van or truck leaves for a new home, home owners can rest safe in the knowledge that their items are helping towards a better, greener climate.

Using removal experts means that fewer trips are used to transport possessions. Removal vehicles are specially adapted for large loads, especially compared to normal family vehicles. Using normal vehicles means that more trips are likely to occur, carrying more items and more people.

Logic dictates that more trips mean more carbon emissions and the use of fossil fuels and other resources. Some removal companies operate under fleet management systems which monitor fuel usage and optimise performance to make it as efficient as possible.

Renewable/Recyclable Materials Provided

Many companies provide moving materials that can be recycled, promoting a healthier environment. Cardboard boxes are recyclable while some storage solutions are plastic and can be reused many times over. Multifunctional storage is a key moving item, especially for those movers who are conscious about their impact on the environment.

Fuel Management

Fuel management means that companies can address fuel issues better, especially if removal men are sent in pairs. This means that less fuel is consumed during the moving process. Having two or more movers arrive on site during the day in one vehicle ensures that fuel is not wasted on multiple trips. Even though fuel has already been mentioned in this blog, fuel management is a vital contribution as to how removal companies are going greener.

Latest Technology

Many moving companies use the latest technology, from lifting equipment to energy efficient vehicles. No matter the company, each removal firm has to adhere to strict government legislation which makes companies monitor their energy use and green contributions. The greener the company, the better it benefits the company and the customer. Companies can benefit from increased savings which can be passed onto customers. Customers can be sure that when moving they have everything sorted, and are helping reduce their impact on the environment.

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How removal companies are a green moving alternative