Home renovation – finding temporary accommodation

Many of our articles focus on the logistics involved in permanent or semi-permanent moves. For example, moving out of a residence or office space and into a new one. Or moving into campus accommodations. However, we have yet to discuss temporary moves, such as may be required during a home renovation. Today’s article provides 5 recommendations for temporary accommodation during a home renovation. We understand that renovation projects, even a one-room renovation, can be costly. Additionally, home renovations quickly become unbearable. Depending on the type of renovation, your home may be without electricity or gas for some time, while the necessary approvals are being obtained. And let’s not even start on the amount of dust renovations generate! Whatever the scenario, you may find yourself looking for temporary accommodation during your renovation project. So here are a few options you might find useful.

Friends and family

If you enjoy good relationships with your circle, this seems to be a logical place to start when looking for temporary accommodation. Home renovations are usually very disruptive and stressful. You may find yourself struggling to maintain a routine, while dealing with demanding workmen and unexpected developments. Staying with family and friends during this time may provide you with needed emotional support and practical advice. When you think of it, your dad may be able to offer some insight into how to keep the construction workers on task. Or while chatting with your friend, Liz, over a cup of coffee, you may finally be able to decide on the colour of your bathroom walls. So don’t overlook your inner circle. This is a major undertaking on your part and we’re sure they’d be happy to offer you some temporary accommodation.

House sitting

A recent trend in real estate is house sitting. In a nutshell, house sitting is an arrangement where someone agrees to look after another person’s house while they are away on holiday or longer term. The accommodation itself is free, but the house sitter is responsible for taking care of the house, or pet(s). If you use a third-party website such as House Sitters UK, there is an annual membership fee attached. However, this cost is minimal compared to the cost of a hotel or Airbnb stay. At the time of writing, possible destinations in the UK included London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Liverpool. House sitting is an excellent way to ensure you have a place to stay during your home renovation. Think of it as a home away from home.

Couch surfing

If the responsibility of looking after someone’s home or pet is too much for you, there’s also the option of couch surfing. The term is self-explanatory and has been a favourite, cost-effective way for travelers to find accommodation. Here’s how it works: a potential host offers free accommodation (most often in the form of a couch or spare room) to a guest for a short stay. This type of arrangement is best suited to people looking to expand their social networks. However, we think it could also potentially be a temporary solution to your accommodation needs during a renovation. To date, accommodation is available in London, Brighton, Oxford, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow, Bristol, Birmingham and Dublin. You can find out more by visiting the Couch Surfing website. If you decide to give couch surfing a try, do follow their community guidelines regarding personal safety.


It should come as little surprise that Airbnb would make our list. Airbnb accommodation is a great option for those looking for short to medium-term stays. The greatest advantage, perhaps, to this paid option, is that you are able to view hundreds of accommodation options. An Airbnb York search lists a variety of accommodation types, from apartment rentals to vacation rentals to holiday apartments. You can narrow your search according to price, location, amenities, length of stay, housing requirements. So, if you have children or pets, no need to fret, you can select accommodation that allows for either or both. On average, a 4-night stay for two ranges from £144 to £708 exclusive of service fees. So, if your budget allows, consider checking out Airbnb for accommodation during your renovation.


Similar to Airbnb, there are a number of hotels, bed and breakfast, guesthouse type accommodations in York. The City York website features over 25 hotel options in and around York. Unlike the accommodation listed on Airbnb however, a 4-night hotel stay for two ranges from £340 to upwards of £2000. If your budget allows, then booking a hotel room for a few nights may be the right option for you. Hotels stays offer the advantage of included breakfasts or depending on the package: meals, spa packages, freshly linen daily, and more. Ultimately, the decision is yours. Granted hotel accommodation is a costlier solution to finding accommodation during a renovation. However, it may also be an excellent opportunity for you to find your peace amidst the renovation storm.

We hope that at least one of the five recommendations above will meet your accommodation needs. If you need any assistance packing up your belongings or discussing self-storage options, feel free to contact us. With years of experience in removal services, a sterling reputation in York and hundreds of satisfied customers, we would be only too keen to meet your removal needs. Our goal is to ensure that any move, even a temporary one, for a home renovation, is as stress-free as possible. So, contact us today for your free quote. We’ll be pleased to chat with you.

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