Home staging – Set a scene for a swift sale

The average home in northern England sits on the market for around ten weeks before an offer is made and accepted – yet despite this lengthy period, many homeowners do little to nothing to boost the appeal of their home to potential buyers. If you’d rather not wait for an offer, the following 6 staging tips will help you sell the dream of living in your home, for potential buyers who battle it out.

1. Start with a clean (and de-cluttered) slate

A fresh lick of neutral paint can work wonders for potential buyers and their ability to see themselves in your home. If you’d rather not tackle the whole home with buckets upon buckets of magnolia, then just address any vivid walls of deep, dark or bold colours. You should also start your packing now – clearing away everything that you don’t need on a daily basis (for some top tips for decluttering, check out our blog: Moving? Do yourself a favour and declutter).

2. Create a lovely aroma throughout your home

Now is the time to buy some lovely smelling plugins for each room – you can also create a homely atmosphere by baking bread, cookies or cakes just before a viewing (let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like returning home to the smell of freshly baked treats!).

3. Stage your kitchen as a cooking and entertaining utopia

The role of the kitchen has been transformed over the past decade. No longer is it simply a space in which meals are prepped and cooked, but a place where families relax and where friends socialise. Consider this when presenting your kitchen – dress up the table so it looks set for a banquet, and if you have the space ensure you introduce a less formal seating area with a small sofa.

4. Re-arrange your furniture into groups

There’s a misleading idea in interior design that in order to create a feeling of spaciousness, furniture must be pushed right back against the walls. In fact, it is by grouping furniture and leaving space around the perimeter of the room that opens up an area, whilst creating a feeling of cosiness and spaces in which to socialise.

5. Got a junk room? Give it a purpose

If you have a spare bedroom that was previously used as a junk room that is now free following your decluttering, make sure you create a purpose for it, such as a dressing room or office.

6. Get your lighting right

Lighting is one of the most influential factors on the appearance of your rooms, and it’s fair to say that this is somewhat of an art form. To get this right, you should be aiming for around 100 watts for every 50 square feet. You should also consider differing types of lighting for the various areas of each room – this includes general/overhead; task (such as reading lights, under cabinet lighting and pendant lights) and accent (to create focal points, such as on a wall or table).

With the above tips we’re pretty certain that you’ll quickly sell your home and be set for your home move (and when you are, you may want to be well-versed on house sellers’ faux pas). Once moving day arrives, our team can help swiftly transport your property from your old home, to your new property. Discover how affordable our removals services in York are by calling our team on 01904 375 995 or emailing the office via admin@vanmanyork.co.uk and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.