House Moves – How to Take Care with Your Tech

The average UK home has around £1,200 worth of electrical and technological goods (Wrap), which can make for quite the challenge come the time to pack up each gadget for move day.

Here’s how you can take care of what is likely a lot of expensive tech when you move.

1. Ideally you should use the original boxes

We all know that we should hang onto the original packaging of our items, but in reality, few of us do. If you have stored the original packaging, you should use it – this has been designed to be the very best form of protection for the given item. However, if you’ve long since chucked out the hundreds of boxes you’d otherwise have to find space for, fear not – just move on to our other tips.

2. Sending your tech to storage? Search out your owners’ manual

If you’re packing up your tech to sit in storage for a while, you should research whether there are any special storage instructions from the manufacturers. This may include the angle at which to position a TV and how to protect your tech from dust. Don’t worry if you’ve thrown out your documentation – you should be able to track down online versions easily enough.

Another consideration when choosing your self-storage, is whether the provider in question offers climate control. Too high or low a temperature and you could find that your tech items became damaged over time; any reputable storage firm will be able to advise on this.

3. Use strong boxes and plenty of protective packaging

Don’t scrimp on the cardboard boxes you buy – opt for a brand known for quality, and purchase plenty of bubble wrap, Styrofoam, blankets and high-quality packaging tape.

4. Use a professional packing and removals service

Probably the safest way of ensuring your gadgets and electrical items are protected is to use a removals company to both pack and transport your goods. For all the How-To’s in the world they are, after all, the experts. What’s more, removals companies (such as our good selves) should have both Public Liability Insurance and Goods in Transit Insurance – so, should anything unexpected happen, your tech will be backed up by an insurance policy.

Forget about the possibility of loss or damage to your tech during your home move – choose to use a York house removal company with an exceptional track record and many happy past customers (we’re also fully insured – for complete peace of mind that your tech items are fully protected).

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House Moves How To Take Care With Your Tech