Moving on: Four house seller faux pas

New home, new start – as a long standing man and Van York Company, we’ve seen more than our fair share of new beginnings – yet they don’t always get off to a great start. Sometimes, just sometimes, previous owners can make a misstep with a faux pas or two that upsets the new arrivals. Here are four of the most common.

1. Being late dropping the keys off to the estate agents

You likely know what it’s like – you’re super eager to get in to your new property and you wait (and wait) for the call to collect your keys. The official time comes and goes – and as it turns out the sellers whom you’re purchasing from have been that little bit late to drop off their keys. This faux pas can be enough to upset move day (which is often a minute by minute planned event as it is!).

2. Removing the lightbulbs

Despite many house sales defining exactly what should and shouldn’t be left, sometimes it’s simply good manners (and rather helpful for the new owners) to leave certain items.

Lightbulbs are a non-negotiable (although it’s surprisingly common for these to be removed), and curtain poles are always a nice plus as they avoid the tricky situation that is measuring and re-fitting new poles throughout.

3. Not cleaning

Whilst there is little in the way of legal requirements that demand sellers clean their homes ready for the new owner, giving your property a once over before you leave can be the difference between a great start in a new home, and a terrible first impression. Likewise however, you should presume that your new property may need a clean-up when you arrive (for which a travelling cleaning kit is essential).

4. Not leaving a note or gift

This last one may be less faux pas, and more a missed opportunity to do something nice. Leaving a card along with a plant, bottle of wine or some other form of token gift is simply a lovely way to be welcomed to a new property.

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