The House Move: How Much Will It Cost You?

Let’s start with the bad news. The average home move today costs £11,000 outside of London and a staggering £31,000 inside of London. Scary stuff indeed, so just what makes up this figure? Let’s take a look and find out…

Diving into those figures

Lloyds Banking Group recently undertook a little research as to how much home moves cost – with the exact national figure coming in at £10,966 (up by £870 over the last year alone), whilst London had experienced a jump by £4,732 (that’s almost 20%!).

Breaking that HUGE monetary sum down

The leading contributor to these figures is a jump in property prices, which then goes on to up the average fee charged by an estate agent when selling a home. Alongside this, is the need to pay stamp duty where the property is above £125,000 – for the average London home, this then represents £15,000, whilst estate agency fees make up £11,000.

Read more about Stamp Duty in our guide: Everything You Need to Know About Stamp Duty.

Other costs you’ll need to consider

  • Legal fees – Typically £850-£1,500 (including VAT at 20%).
  • Deposit – Typically 10% + of your new property
  • Valuation fee – Typically between £150 and £1000 depending on the value of the property
  • Surveyor’s fee – From £250 for a basic home condition survey, to £600 + for a full structural survey
  • Electronics transfer fee – Typically between £40 and £50 (for transferring the funds from lender to lender)
  • Mortgage fees
  • Booking fee – Typically between £99 and £250 (this fee may or may not apply to you)
  • Arrangement fee – Up to £2000
  • Mortgage valuation fee – £150+

Whilst some lenders do offer to roll these fees into the overall amount being lent on the mortgage, it’s advisable that you pay these up front to avoid paying interest on them.

After you’ve moved

Those who’ve purchased a home before will likely be well-versed as to how much of a jump there is in cost when moving from a rented property, to an owned property. For those first-time buyers out there, here’s all that you need to consider:

Maintenance bills – Research has shown that the average homeowner faces a repair bill of £5,750 (we provide tips on addressing this cost in our guide: House Hunting like a Pro).

Insurance – Mortgage lenders require that a property is comprehensively covered by home insurance that protects what is also their asset against fire, flooding and subsidence. You may need to show paperwork of your policy to your legal representative, and it’s also advisable that you take out contents insurance alongside it.

Council tax – The cost of council tax differs from property to property, and from region to region – you can check the council tax band of any potential property by using this Government tool.

Property running costs – Home energy packs are now required by law for each property put on the market; websites such as Zoopla and Right Move often display these in the listing of each property.

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The House Move How Much Will It Cost You