7 days. And counting – How to move in one week

The countdown is on, you’ve got to be out in a week. Whether a cash buyer has sprung up from nowhere, or you’re a tenant and you’ve left everything until (almost) the last minute, you have 7 days. Not a minute more. With so much to do, we’d better get moving… here’s our how to.

Day 7

Be brutal – donate anything you don’t need to charity

With just seven days until your move, you don’t really have time for hitting eBay hard and selling off the things you don’t need. Instead, you should donate anything you don’t need to charity – clear up your clutter, and bag up items that you haven’t used in the past three months.

Day 6

Speak to friends and family now to arrange some help on the day

A week’s not a lot of time for people to reserve a day to help out, so ask as early as possible. Alternatively, you could always book a trusty removals service (and given the rush you’re in, it may also pay to get a quote for packing and furniture assembly too).

Day 5

Put together a list of utilities and insurers

You need to know who to contact and what needs to be cancelled/moved in terms of your utility providers and insurers. Then you can use a free website such as IAmMoving.com to let them know about the rapidly approaching move date!

Day 4

Time to take on the mammoth task of packing!

Here’s a golden rule for packing up, fast – remove ALL distractions, no phones, no admin, no watching telly or popping out. Focus on packing and packing alone.

First, pack an essential box – all the items you’ll be needing over the next two weeks. We’re talking food making equipment, toothbrushes, a kettle and so on.

Next, put together suitcases with two weeks’ worth of clothes. Then, onwards and upwards to packing everything else that can wait a while to be unpacked – ornaments and so on.

Packing can take 2, 3 maybe even 4 days, so it’s important to have all hands on deck. If you’ve decided to use a removals firm, then you may have some friends and family you can call on to help with this part of the move.

Day 3

More packing!!!

As you begin to clear each room, tackle a quick vacuum and dust.

Day 2

Place everything by the door and put together a move day survival pack

It’s the last day in your soon to be old home. Now’s the time to pack up any last-minute items, clear the rooms and put a bag/box together of the things you’ll need today (such as water, snacks, brollies, spare clothes and tea making equipment).

Day 1

Last minute checks…

Before you leave, remember to take a photo of the metre readings and double check for any items you may have missed.

Day 0

Tackle a brand-new checklist(s), for your brand-new home

That’s it. You’re in. We’d love to say that you can now relax, but as you’ll probably notice by looking around, there’s A LOT still to be done. First, you may want to set up your creature comforts for making even the most chaotic of new homes nice and cosy. Next, it’s time to take on the eleven things that new tenants and homeowners must do once they’ve reached their new property. And finally, let the world know about your move.

Feeling the stress and strain already, with the tick tock of your clock getting louder, and louder, and louder? We hear you. For urgent removals in York, we’ll be right where you need us, no matter how soon. Grab your quote here (it takes just two minutes). Alternatively, you can call Ralph, owner of Van Man York on 07931 849 112.

7 days And counting How to move in one week