The Ikea-proof guide to assembling furniture

Ahhhh Ikea – the Swedish powerhouse known for its fabulous meatballs, cool Scandinavian style and infuriating flat pack furniture (seriously, how can one bedside table require 105,463 screws?!). If you want to hold onto your sanity and avoid a pile of Ikea products created from moments of flat pack induced-rage, you’d better read this guide…

1. Check ALL the parts are there prior to getting started

SO many people skip this step and later think that they’ve took a wrong turn somewhere with the instructions, when in fact there was a single, solitary screw missing – so check, check and check again! And while you’re at it, you should also separate the parts into distinct piles, and place any small pieces in bowls so they don’t roll away.

2. Follow the instructions every step of the way

If you’ve misplaced the instructions, check online – more and more manufacturers are uploading their manuals to their website in order to save pleas for help that involve “I’ve lost my instructions!”.

3. Clear the room

Make enough room to work your way around the furniture – you should also banish any kids and pets (wagging tails can sabotage your screw pile with one swipe!).

4. Have a power tool to hand

Remember to charge up at least one power tool, with several bit sizes standing by. Other tools you’ll need to dig out of the shed include a hammer and an Allen wrench set. While the majority of flat pack furniture includes miniature tools, full-sized ones are always going to be easier and quicker to use.

5. Estimate the time it will take, then double it

Flat pack furniture always takes way longer to build than you think it will, so set aside double the time you believe you need. That way you remove the possibility of making mistakes due to pressure.

6. Ask a mate for help (preferably a DIY-savvy one!)

Two hands make for lighter work when it comes to complex Ikea builds, so rope in a friend and promise them copious amounts of coffee and cake! Having another person there can also be useful for talking through any sticking points, as well as lighten the load if the piece of furniture is heavy.

7. If all else fails, leave it to the experts

If your Vangsta dining table is wobbling all over the place and your Gjöra Bed frame looks set to fall down at any moment, it may be time to call in the experts. Professional furniture assembly is a whole lot more affordable than you may think (and plenty less stressful!).

And breathe! While you’re now well-equipped to take on a 12-shelf bookcase from the devil himself masquerading as a friendly blue and yellow retail giant, you may just want to leave the graft to us. For instruction-manual-free Furniture assembly in York, talk to us (we will be needing all the screws however!).

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The Ikea proof guide to assembling furniture