It’s Time to Overhaul Your Garage!

On this blog we frequently talk about the ins and outs of home removals, but we seldom give advice on packing up the outer perimeter of your home. The reality is that many of our moving tips for packing up your house, or flat, can also be applied to your outdoor space. We trust that you have been diligently following our blog, but in the event that you have not, feel free to catch up by reading our previous article, which gives a pretty comprehensive overview of what should be taken into consideration when packing up your garden. Truthfully a quick Google search will reveal a host of blog articles providing practical advice on safely, packing up your garage, garden shed, backyard and the like. We’d like to add our two cents with the following bits of advice.

Depending on your personality type, your outdoor space and garage may be the epitome of orderliness and cleanliness. ENTJs and ISTJs we see you! Unfortunately, this might not be the case for the majority of us. While your garage may be far from a dump, you may have likely determined that it is a perfectly safe place to store items that are not regularly used. In fact, when face to face with your garage in the weeks prior to moving day, you may be astonished by the number of items you would have accumulated over the years. Following these simple steps will get you packed up and ready to go in no time.

  1. Less is more

It’s unanimous when it comes to packing up your outdoor space, less is more. The fewer items you take from your old garage to the new, the more space you have to organize your present belongings and/or accommodate new items. Really, who wants to take old things into a brand new space? Say it with us, no one. So use this move as an opportunity to declutter. Here’s a good rule of thumb: if you have not used an item in six months to a year, you likely do not need it; and we are being very generous with that timeframe. Resist the urge to justify holding onto an infrequently used item. Please, we implore you! If you are wondering about how to rid yourself of items that will not be making the move with you to the new house, there are many options. You can organise a garage sale; you can use your social media networks to advertise items for sale; you can donate to charitable organisations; you can gift some to friends, family, even neighbours, and at the very least, if it can be done in your neighbourhood, you can leave some items on your curbside with a sign, “free, help yourself”.

  1. Use your time wisely

Rather than standing like a deer in headlights in front of your garage door or looking at the garden from your porch dumbfounded by the sizeable task before you, try to categorise your belongings as heterogeneously and as early as possible. Some useful categories might be size, fragility, degree of sharpness or level of toxicity. This categorisation will help you in boxing, bagging, and wrapping up your items, as well as help you identify which items need specialised transportation or disposal; we are thinking specifically here of larger garden tools, workout equipment, appliances and hazardous, household materials. In the event that you will be disassembling tools, equipment or appliances, please follow the instructions if the manuals are still in your possession. Once disassembled and packed away, be sure to tape the instruction manual on the inside of the box in which the item is placed. Given that your goal in this exercise should be to purge your garage, this is also the time to ensure that power tools still work, that paint in old paint tins has not dried up, and that materials prone to decomposition when exposed to moisture are still sound, etc. Here’s another good rule of thumb: discard anything that no longer serves the purpose for which it was intended.

  1. Prepare well for moving day

We know that moving day is usually stressful and goes by in a flash; it is also a day where accidents can occur. If you are preparing to move on your own, or with the help of family or friends, please be mindful of everyone’s safety when dealing with the garage or garden area. All involved should be encouraged to wear proper, protective clothing, such as closed shoes and/or long-sleeved shirts, as well as masks and gloves. This would be especially useful if moving items like soil, fertilizer, cement, pieces of wood and the like. Sharp or pointy tools such as shears, clippers, rakes, hoes, and accessories like screws, nails, blades, etc. should be securely wrapped in bubble wrap, towels or old cloth to prevent injury when handling. Fuel should be drained from tools, where possible, in preparation for transport. Following these simple recommendations will go a long way in ensuring that packing up your garage or garden is incident-free.

Of course, if after considering the tips above you feel that you need some professional assistance, we at Van Man York Removals are more than willing to help. With years of experience in removal services, a sterling reputation in York and hundreds of satisfied customers, let us help you get on to the next phase of your move. Feel free to contact us for your quote today. We’ll be pleased to chat with you.

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