Keeping your cool when facing a summer house move

Recently we wrote about how you can survive if you face a home move over the Christmas festive season, but let’s face it, a sweltering hot day is just as tortuous as doing battle with the cold, wind or snow. So, how can you make a home move during a heat wave that little bit more bearable?

1. Hire your removals firm (early)

There tends to be somewhat of a rush of home moves over the summer – especially during the summer school holidays. Because of how busy removals firms can get, it’s then vital that you book your preferred removals company in good time (preferable 2 to 3 months in advance if possible).

2. Try to move during a weekday morning

Despite the roads being quieter over the summer holidays, the weekends can still get pretty busy. Because of this it’s advisable that you try to move on a weekday morning (although we do understand that you may be completely at the mercy of your chain and the various solicitors as to when you complete on your property).

3. Won’t somebody think of the kids?!

If you’ve got kids then the very last thing they want to be spending their time doing is packing up their belongings during their cherished school holiday. So if it’s at all possible, try to pack them off for a few days to spend some time with relatives or friends.

4. Stay cool on the day

Even on a mild summer’s day lugging around all your worldly belongings can still get sticky and uncomfortable. Here’s a few ideas for a cool kit to help you manage the temperature:

  • Light, loose fitting and comfortable clothing
  • Handheld fans
  • Plenty of water
  • Food that’s ready to eat and suitable for your appetite on a hot day
  • A cool box for your food

5. Plan ahead for your pet

If you have a pet then you’re going to have to think about how you can help them manage both the heat and the stress during the move. You’ll likely need to keep them in a separate aeriated room at both your old property and your new one, away from the hustle and bustle of your removals team coming and going (just remember to have a water bowl always available to them).

Home moves are never easy, even less so when the mercury is rising with no signs of abating. Whatever the time of year that you’re set to move, our removal service in York can help you in keeping your cool. Call our team on 01904 375 995 or email the office via and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.