Let’s plan your housewarming party!

The first month of 2023 is practically over. You’ve celebrated your last holidays in your old home and can’t wait to celebrate new ones in your new home. Having taken all of January to move, unpack and settle in, now is the time to host your housewarming party! We know, you’ve just completed a herculean move, so the thought of planning an event might not exactly be enticing. However, we are happy to share a few tips to remove some of the guess work from your housewarming prep. If it’s your first time here, feel free to check out our previous article detailing six tips for a moving in party.

Decide on your budget

As you know, we are planners, so all event planning begins with a budget. As simple as a housewarming may seem, establishing your budget from the onset is important. Your budget will influence the choice of theme, food selection, decorations and whether you will give your guests gifts. Since it is your housewarming, you can decide on how simple or lavish you would like the event to be. Budget-friendly housewarming parties can be quite memorable. Invite a few friends to bring their choice of dish and drinks. Play some relaxing background music, give a short tour of your new home and spend the evening having good conversation. Alternatively, if you plan to spend a bit more, a cocktail or dinner-themed housewarming can be very exciting. After all, who doesn’t like to have a reason to dress up? Whatever your budget, we are certain your friends will appreciate your effort to include them in your new chapter.

Decide on a theme

We absolutely love a good themed party! The options are endless, you can choose from your favourite movie, animated series, time period, festival and the like. If you prefer that guests choose their attire, you can establish a theme by your choice of activity or the menu. Would you like everyone to decorate cookies? Do you plan to serve finger foods in a brunch or afternoon tea type setting? Or maybe you like the idea of a game night or simply a good old party? Whichever theme tickles your fancy, we are certain that you and your guests will have an unforgettable time. Looking for some inspiration? A quick search for housewarming party ideas on Pinterest will get you sorted in no time!

Make a few lists

It should come as little surprise to you that our third suggestion is to make some lists. Creating lists will make planning and hosting your housewarming that much simpler. So what types of lists do you need? We’ll suggest at least three: a guest list, a shopping list for food and decorations, and your playlists. Looking for some musical inspiration? This housewarming party playlist on Spotify is great! Of course, when it comes to lists, you may be able to think of others. For example, a list of things to do to get your home ready for your invitees. One bit of advice when making your lists, avoid dedicating too much time to this activity. We want to ensure that you have enough time to carry out the various tasks you’ve identified. We also want you to be flexible. Rather than feel unnecessary pressure from the lists in front of you, remember that they are tools. You are free to add and omit as you see fit.

Make a snazzy invite

As we just mentioned, deciding on your guest list is a very important step when planning a housewarming party. Once you have your guest list, it’s time to decide on your invite. The majority of us now prefer digital or e-invites. There are a host of platforms that make creating and sending e-invites so easy! Two of our favourites are Paperless Post and Canva. Both platforms provide you with invitation templates that you can easily edit to suit your preferences. In addition to including the theme, address, date and time of your housewarming, be sure to include an RSVP date. This is an excellent way to keep track of confirmed attendees. This can help ensure that you have plenty of food and seating for your guests. If you are so inclined, it is also a nice gesture to ask invitees to mention their dietary restrictions, just to be sure that no one is left out of the fun. This blog article provides additional advice when party planning.

Any type of planning can be stressful, but we are here to help. In planning your housewarming, you should definitely take into consideration the points mentioned above. However, it is also important that your party reflects your personality and style. So think about who you are and the experience you would like your guests to have. In addition to our useful tips, we at Van Man York Removals are always ready to help with your moving and packing needs. With years of experience in removal services, a sterling reputation in York and hundreds of satisfied customers, we would be only too keen to help you with your move and ensure that your experience is as stress-free as possible. Contact us today for your free quote. We’ll be pleased to chat with you.

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