How Long Does a Removal Service Take?

This question while obviously important for your move is about as easy to answer as – how long is a piece of string? There is no set amount of time for how long a removals job will take and it depends on so many factors that it is almost impossible to predict. It will take a few hours at least to move even if it is within York. This is because it usually takes an hour at least to load a van and unloading can take even longer. If there are multiple loads required, then the time can potentially double. However, there are some ways that the service can be sped up.

Pick The Right Time and Day

Traffic is one of the biggest factors that will slow down a move. Picking the time and day based on traffic patterns will ensure that the journey is smooth and congestion free. If you can’t find information or don’t know the area, then you should generally avoid the daily rush hours. It is also better to choose a day in the middle of the week rather than the weekend because traffic tends to be quieter.


Obviously you will be packing items into boxes but try putting them in a convenient location for the movers. If you are in a flat, then moving boxes to the communal area downstairs before movers turn up will save a lot of time. If there is a lot of bulky furniture, then try dismantling this before the movers arrive otherwise you will have to wait for them to do this.

Invite Some Friends

Many hands make light work. This is especially true when moving. The moving team are capable of loading vans quickly and efficient but if you invite some friends over to help move stuff to the van, it will reduce how long it takes to load. Since loading and unloading are the most arduous jobs having more hands available makes it much easier.


Organisation is vital to a swift move. You should know where all your possessions will be unloaded and have labels on boxes to make this even easier. Failure to know where boxes or furniture is going makes the unloading process very slow. There have been times where a couple have had to argue about where items are going as they are being pulled out of the van this will make the process incredibly slow and can be quite embarrassing.

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how long does a house removal take?