Making Your Estate Agent Work Overtime

Selling your home? Get set for a long, arduous, stressful journey if you don’t have the right tactics in place for ensuring your estate agent works overtime. Here’s our how-to…

1. Take Care in Picking the Right Estate Agent

When it comes to estate agents, reputation matters, so do your research. Look to online review sites, Facebook pages and the agent’s own data on their market share, average length of time to sale and percentage of the asking price achieved. Create a short-list of potential estate agents, and invite them round for a valuation (as an important side note, you should always be wary of any estate agent who provides a valuation significantly over and above numerous others. Read our blog: How Your Buyer’s Mortgage Lender Could Veto Your House Value to discover why this could be a huge problem, rather than a plus).

2. Make it Clear That There’s Competition for Your Business

Be friendly with your estate agent, but be clear that you expect fair service terms and a fair price. Part and parcel of this is letting your agent know that you’ve spoken with other professionals, and that they’re in competition.

3. Ask: Are Professional Photos and Premium Property Portal Listings included?

More than any description, floor plan, or property spec it will be the images of your home that makes potential buyers book in for a viewing, so you’ll want to ensure that pro photos are included as standard. What’s more, with 47% of the entire population having used a website such as Zoopla or Right Move in the past 12 months, you’ll also want to check that listing on these websites is included as standard.

4. Niche Home? Find a Niche Agent

If your property falls into a niche category in one way or another you may want to find an agent that specialises in this area. For example, some mostly market rural homes, while others may specialise in luxury property above the £350,000 mark. If you do choose an agent such as this, ask them how they’ll market your property differently. Would they advertise in specialist publications, or on certain websites, for example? And do they have a pre-built mailing list of potential buyers?

With the right estate agent championing your cause, you’ll soon by in the market for a professional removals company. So you may want to save our details for the not-so-distant-future.

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Estate Agent Working Overtime