Military Precision For Moving Day

Move day – it’s a term that can strike fear into the heart of even the most prepared of movers. If you’re noticing that the days are whizzing by faster than ever, with the big day rapidly, then you need to read this guide for ensuring your move runs like clockwork – no stress, no forgotten items, no problems.

Get ready, get steady…

Create a family move day tick list

On the rundown to move day there’s a lot to do – get the family involved by creating a tick list that you can all work towards.

De-clutter as if your move day sanity relied on it

Your moving day will take less time, the less you own. So, take a little time out to assess whether you truly need all your items. We’ve written a blog article on what you can do with the items that you don’t need, and you could well make your piggy bank a few pounds in the process. Read: Moving – Do yourself a favour and declutter.

Pets and children – Arrange day care

Whilst we’ve previously blogged about how you can involve your children on move day, truth be told, it’s far easier to have the little ones and the pets out of the way. To this end you should try to plan for care – whether this be friends, family, babysitters or kennels (for the dog, not the children!).

Get your packing kit ready

Get your packaging ready to pack up those items on mass, this includes: boxes; plastic storage containers; packing tape; permanent markers; bubble wrap and packing paper.

Get your cleaning kit ready

It’s common courtesy to give your home a once over for the new buyers who will soon be arriving – so leave your vacuum as the last item to take, and pop the following items into a carry caddy: bin-liners; polish; dusters; j cloths; window cleaner; multi-surface spray and toilet cleaner. Read our Quick Cleaning Tips for move day for further guidance.

On the Day…

Create a colour code system

Whilst you should create large labels for every box listing the room and a brief overview of the box contents, it may also be helpful to pop a colour coded sticker on each of the sides – that way you can quickly grab and go, and needn’t flip and turn each box to discover the label.

Move all the boxes into the front room

Save yourself time by getting a production line on the go – have one half of your friends or family move all your boxes into the front room, whilst the other half picks them up and packs them into the awaiting van or car.

Pack a picnic (and have your important kitchen items to hand)

In the rush of moving it can be easy to forget about packing things to eat, drink and to prepare food and drinks with. For this reason, you should put together a picnic bag, as well as a box of kitchen items that are going to be immediately needed upon arrival (such as your kettle, toaster, plates, mugs and spoons).

Crate an itinerary and schedule – hour by hour

Writing a schedule can help you, your family and your removal team in knowing there they are and what’s about to happen. Detail things such as child and pet drop off times, the key pick up time, removal team arrival time and contact details for babysitters, estate agents, solicitors and friends and family who may be helping during the move.

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military precision for moving day