Five Apps for a Seamless House Move

If that circled date on the calendar is becoming more threatening as the days whizz by, you need a technological helping hand to ensure your house move runs smoothly. Here are five of the best apps to help you move from A to B with minimum stress.

1. Move Advisor

The Move Advisor app is feature-packed and completely free. Amongst the tools you’ll find in this app are: a moving timeline (which suggests tasks as you approach the big day, such as hiring a moving company, buying packing supplies and informing utility providers); other features include a home inventory which helps you list your items room by room, and estimates the number of boxes, blankets and packaging materials you’ll need.

Cost: FREE iOS / Android

2. State Farm Move Tools

State Farm Move Tools provides a tool for every task – including an interactive packing tool, a to-do list, Smart labels (which are printable), an inventory database and helpful moving tips.

Cost: FREE iOS / Android

3. Suddath Moving Guru

For those who need a basic app, Suddath Moving Guru may be the one – offering moving tips and a checklist that begins with a 10 week countdown. A nice little bonus is that you can use it to send out messages to let your contacts know that you’ve moved and what your new address is.

Cost: FREE iOS

4. Sortly

The Sortly app is ideal for those who need plenty of step-by-step help for comprehensive organisation. A standout feature of this app include smart note taking for your inventory, which allows you to create various folders for tasks such as a bedroom move (which is pre-filled with storage such as your wardrobe and jewellery box).

An excellent tool bundled within this app is the ability to take photos and videos of your open boxes – this can really help you avoid having to search through every box in order to discover items at the other end.

Cost: FREE iOS / Desktop

5. Home Move Pro

Home Move Pro is the ultimate app for creating and managing content to do with your move. Features include quick notes (written and audio); checklists; photo galleries and more.

Cost: FREE iOS

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Five Apps For A Seamless House Move