How to Move Your Prize Piano (Properly)

We’re full of great advice for packing up your possessions ready for moving day. Yet no amount of bubble wrap could protect your piano if you drop your seriously delicate instrument in the haste of moving day. Truth be told moving a piano takes time, skill and the plenty of know-how. So here are our top tips, if you’re the proud owner of a piano soon to be shifted from A to B.

1. First of all: You may want to hire in the professionals

We won’t lie – moving a piano is tough, physically demanding work, and even with plenty of our tips, there’s always a chance that you’ll damage your piano beyond repair.

Removals services can be cheaper than you presumed, especially if you only require this service for a single item. A pro removals company will also be insured – guaranteeing the safety of your piano. Find out how much this peace of mind costs, with a free, no obligation removals quote.

Still going to go it alone? Then you’ll need all of this…

  • Tape;
  • Work gloves;
  • Heavy duty trolley jack;
  • Straps;
  • Weight lifting straps;
  • Plastic wrap (alternatively you can use plenty of cloths or rags);
  • Large van ramp;
  • Cardboard pads;
  • Good upper body strength of at least 4 people (this isn’t a job for Aunty Edie and nan).

How to Move your Upright Piano

  1. Clear the way and measure up – Walk the length of the path, measuring the door frames and any other spaces you’ll need to fit through.
  2. Warp your piano up tight – Start with the lid, taping it down and then wrapping it in plastic wrap and/or cloth.
  3. With the help of some muscly friends lift the piano using the trolley jack. You’ll need at least four people to lift the piano onto the trolley, although there are electronic trollies that can help lighten the load.
  4. Once in place, secure the piano with the straps.
  5. Push the piano slowly and gradually.
  6. Using the ramp, push the piano into the van – be sure to use two people behind the piano, pushing, and two people in front of it, pulling.
  7. Secure the piano once in the van – place it flat to the back wall with heavy items all around it (large furniture is ideal). You should also use plenty of straps.

Whether an antique Bösendorfer or a bargain buy from your local music centre, taking care when moving your piano is a must if you don’t want to end up with an out-of-tune, oversized coffee cup rest. If you’re thinking about leaving it to the professionals, you know where our York removals team are when you need them.

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How to Move Your Prized Piano Properly