It’s Not Me, It’s You – Moving After a Breakup

In 2013, 130,473 couples got divorced, and yet despite how common divorce is, it can feel as though you’re the only one going through it when it happens to you. And heartache isn’t just lonely, it also compounds the challenging task of moving from an old home to a new one.

Before you move on, you have to move out, and regardless as to whether your break up is acrimonious or not, it’s never an easy feat. Here we walk you through our top tips for as pain-free a moving process as possible.

Stay Cool, Stay Civil

You may feel hurt, betrayed and super angry. It’s tough, but staying civil is going to do you huge favours when it comes to holding firmly onto your dignity and your stress levels. If you know that you can’t avoid arguments, at least agree on times when you can be at the property when your ex-partner isn’t. We’ll move on to the matter of separating furniture and personal belongings in a moment.

Custody-Holders – Know Your Rights

If you have children with your partner, you should be aware of the legal rights granted to those who have custody. The Children Act 1989 is a law that states that any housing should remain housing with whoever of the two is granted custody. This continues until the children are all 18, at which time the ownership of, and right to live in, the property will then be granted to the partner with the bigger financial share.

Keep it Quick

Aim to move out swiftly – delaying the process only adds to the pain. If you’re still looking for somewhere else to live, or are awaiting the sale of the property, try to arrange a short-term home – whether with parents, family, a friend or a 6-month rental property.

If you are forced to share the home for any period of time, try to set out parts of the house, or a rota for room use.

Decide on a Moving Date (and Stick to It)

Deciding on a moving date can ensure that you have a future to focus on, and that you remain busy with the tasks needed to make the move. If your head’s feeling a little foggy, you may want to read our guide: The Ultimate House Move Checklist.

Ask for Help – Practically and Emotionally

Your loved ones will be really important during this time of transition, not only for a practical helping hand every now and then, but also for emotional support. Take time out to enjoy their company – this can help alleviate the loss you may be feeling over someone who may have been your partner and your best friend.

Splitting Belongings

Deciding on who owns what can be a minefield – let’s keep it simple – whoever purchased the item, legally owns it. Where you’ve split the cost, and one has paid more than the other, the person who’s paid the most will buy the other person out.

When it comes to your vehicle, discuss who requires it the most – such as for commuting.

Finally, with furniture – always attempt to be level headed and fair. Can you both walk away with enough furniture to comfortable set up a basic home?

If you can’t even have a conversation about property ownership, enlist professional help via a legal representative or a mediation service.

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Moving After Breaking Up