Moving your beloved collectables – A kid gloves’ approach

From stamps to Star Wars figures, onto records, miniature villages and trains, we’ve moved every kind of collectable going.

But unlike your standard piece of furniture or living room mirror, your collectables mean far more to you than just money. Here’s how to make sure your collectables (whatever they are) move from your old home to your new one in one piece.

Be insured

If your collection is valuable, you might want to think about getting it insured (not only during a move, but 24/7). Dedicated collectables insurance might be cheaper than you think, too. Check out this useful guide from MoneySuperMarket.

Take plenty of pics

Taking pictures isn’t only a good idea to help you keep track of what’s arrived and what’s yet to unpack, it may also be vital for insurance purposes.

Package your collection with care

Bubble wrap, two-upping on your boxes, super strong packaging tape – you’re going to need plenty of high-quality packaging if you’re going to properly protect your collectables in transit. You should also use acid-free packaging paper (rather than newspaper), as this will avoid the transfer of print.

  • Dolls, figurines, ceramics or glass – Wrap each item with packaging paper followed by bubble wrap, ensuring that any corners are well covered. Then add your collectables to a box with a layer of balled up packaging paper at the bottom. Once filled, pad out the box with more crushed paper to sit between each item, ensuring there’s no spare room for your items to shift about. A final layer of packaging paper at the top should keep your collectables nicely (and safely) in place. 
  • Coins and notes – If your collection is of especially high value you may want to consider using armoured transport (or at the very least, ensuring that your collection is insured for you to move yourself).
  • Wine – Corked wines should always be moved either on their side or upside down (this keeps the cork wet).
  • Baseball cards, posters, stamps and documents – The flat nature of these items means that they are usually stored in folders, sleeves or frames. This makes them suitable for packing with paper and placing into a box (always lay them flat however, to avoid them slipping and ending up in a creased, crinkled state).
  • Antiques – These should be carried by hand, by yourself (antiques aren’t something that professional removal companies will handle).

And remember – if your collection is moving from a warm place to somewhere cool – such as from your attic to your new cellar, you may want to invest in humidity indicators, which will dry up any moisture that could otherwise lead to mould. 

Place HUGE warning labels on each side of your boxes

Make sure you and your removals team know which boxes contain your fragile collectables and what’s packed inside. Your labels might say: WARNING – FRAGILE: BREAKABLE DOLLS. This will ensure that these boxes don’t end up underneath heavy boxes, and that you know which boxes to handle with care and place in a safe space upon arrival.

We’re known for just how much care we take with our customers’ personal effects – especially their irreplaceable collectables. If we weren’t, then we wouldn’t have a perfect five out of five star rating on TrustPilot (made up of reviews like these…)

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