Moving over the Christmas period – How to survive the ordeal

Let’s face it – no one wants to move over the Christmas period (or the few days thereafter). However, house buyers and tenants are, unfortunately, at the complete mercy of legal requirements, vendors and landlords. If you find yourself filled not with the joys of Christmas, but instead with the terrors of moving over the holiday season, don’t panic. This guide will ensure your Xmas move doesn’t turn into the nightmare before (or after) Christmas.

Be ready for the worst of weather

Every year we hope for a white Christmas – and every year the weather disappoints us (usually by providing a grey, dreary day instead). However, you can bet your bottom dollar that when there’s a move to be faced, you’re going to end up with two inches of snow to wade through. Should the weather forecasts hint at a chance of snow or ice, be sure to grit all paths and steps (both at your property and at your new home). That way you’ll avoid any unwanted accidents.

You should also remember to wear warm clothing and pack a kettle or thermos flask, as well as some nibbles to keep your energy up all day through.

Ensure that you’ve cancelled/moved your utilities

Don’t forget to get in touch with your energy suppliers before you leave (and take a meter reading upon arriving at your new property). The last thing you need during a financially tricky January is extra bills you hadn’t budgeted for!

Focus on the task at hand

Feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do for moving and preparing for Christmas? Then focus on moving, and moving alone. This is the most important task at hand for the time being – and attempting to multi-task very often results in two things done very badly! You could always push back Xmas day to a slightly later date.

Get that tree (and a few decorations) up

Unpacking is going to take a while – there’s no getting around this fact. To enjoy Christmas, you may want to prioritise getting your tree and a few decorations up, and ensuring that your main living spaces are relatively presentable. You can always hide the many cases and boxes somewhere in a cupboard, corner or spare room.

Be super organised when it comes to Xmas shopping

If you have a lot to buy for Christmas, make sure that you’ve completed all your shopping well in advance. Go online to save time, then get back to planning for your move day!

Forgo the Christmas dinner (or simply book in at a restaurant!)

Where are those roasting trays? How about the spatula? Anyone seen the turkey baster, oil or stuffing? Christmas dinner is a serious challenge if you’ve just moved, so why not go simple, or go to your local restaurant?

Let the festivities (and a stress-free move day) commence!

Moving into or out of York? Let’s get cracking and ensure your holiday season is one filled with joy and peace (not stress and broken valuables!).

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Moving over the Christmas period – How to survive the ordeal