Moving day: 5 Fresh ideas for (productively) involving the kids

So, you can’t pack the kids off for the day and you’re facing managing a house move, as well as your children. Soon, chaos can rain. Tantrums, boxes going missing, and a logistics plan that may have seemed military precise going out the window in five minutes flat. With this in mind, here are our five top tips for moving (productively) with kids.

1. Create moving house job badges

‘Help, I am Moving’ provide a great printable template for making your kids feel useful come move day – simply print off and assign them a role – Toy co-originator, Tea Champion, Pet Calmer or Cupboard Inspector.

2. Pack a move day play bag

Assign a bag purely for toys and games to be used throughout the day.

3. Design a move day star chart with pre-defined tasks

We’d recommend ones that both involve the children, such as moving or packing small items, as well as tasks that encourage them to sit and stay out of the way (for which tip two is an essential).

4. Be sure to leave the playpen out

If you have really young children a playpen is going to be an essential come move day – it also helps to not forget a box purely for making make shift meals, bottles and drinks.

5. Keep the TV and DVD player accessible

Upon arrival the children can inspect their new place and then settle down in their rooms with their play bag, TV and DVD player (just be sure that the TV can be secured in a safe way so as to avoid it toppling over, or any tiny feet getting tangled in the wires).

This stage works well when you’re using a professional removal service, as you can time your arrival with some leeway before your items follow you. This allows children to get their excitement out of the way before the mass un-packing begins!

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